July 07, 2022 1 min read

Our doctors, nurses, and healthcare frontliners have been at the forefront, fighting COVID-19 ever since it began for 2 whole years. Between the risk, fatigue, stress, and leave restrictions, a simple “Thank you” note or greeting seems like it’s never enough, especially so with Doctor’s Day just around the corner.


To remember all the effort and care they’ve treated us with, here are some gift items to send as tokens of appreciation. 


What we recommend:


1. Yuzu & Ginger Sparkling Prebiotic Drink

A bubbly cocktail of yuzu and ginger. No alcohol, just carbonated. Distinctly zingy, warm, and zesty. Absolutely good for the gut with no added sugars. Vegan friendly. Can is 330ml.


2. Pineapple & Peach Kombucha

Naturally fermented green tea that also promotes naval goodness, now infused with tropical pineapple and sweet peach. A thirst-quencher, but one that’s good for the body. Low in calories, vegan friendly and gluten free. Bottle is 400ml.


3. Himalayan Pink Salt Water Lily Pops

These pops, or Makhana, are made from roasting Water Lily seeds. It’s a superfood that’s crunchy, rich in antioxidants and protein. But that’s not all! It also aids in digestion, improves heart health, stabilises blood pressure, and keeps kidneys healthy. This one from Zenko Superfoods has been dusted with a dash of healthy salt to make it even more delectable.


4. Necksaviour Mini

Hunching over the phone, poring over reports, it’s no wonder our doctors and nurses have stiff necks. With the Necksaviour Mini, they can simply bend it out on their next break for instant relief. Only available for corporate orders.