August 24, 2022 2 min read

What if you could cut down on waste production one gift at a time? These brands don’t just produce sustainable gift items, but also pledge to make a positive impact on the environment. Start shopping, and make a meaningful gifting experience here!

  1. Purple & Pure Recycled Paper Seed Pencil

Each of these pencils contains seeds. When the pencils become too short for use, you can replant them in soil and watch them blossom into something new!

  1. HuskeeCup

Did you know that an average coffee drinker produces more than three kilograms of husk waste? That means about an average of 1.35 million tonnes of coffee husk waste is produced per year, and that’s terrifying. To address this unsustainable cycle, Saxon Wright founded HuskeeCups – each mug is fashioned from husk waste, and is the ultimate solution!

  1. Fossa Chocolate Chocolate Bars

Aside from ensuring that their cacao is sourced from farmers that practice agroforestry, Fossa Chocolate’s bean-to-bar chocolates are also packaged in paper, containing 50% recycled materials, all of which are only printed on demand to prevent wastage of resources.

  1. Confetti Snacks Veggie Chips

Food waste is another environmental hazard. Confetti Snacks aims to reduce it with their snack line — their veggie chips are made from upcycled vegetables, those that aren’t “aesthetically pleasing” enough for market shelves. 1% of their sales are also pledged to end hunger and for other global environmental initiatives.

  1. Honey For Life Honey

Honey For Life places a huge emphasise on the sustainable production of honey, and have planted approximately 1,010,000 trees within Western Australia’s South West to form a future bee-friendly forest, with the majority of these trees being native and endemic to Western Australia. 

By significantly boosting the beehive population on these plantations at various times of the year, they are creating a net positive pollinator effect on all the surrounding natural flora in the local area!

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