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Build A Ruby Box


Build A Ruby Box - Customise Your Very Own Gift Box 

You know your loved one best! :)
Have the freedom to customise a gift box for a particular occasion or a personality. Perfect for a "I'm-thinking-of-you" care package too. Simply purchase this base box and select the add-ons below to curate your very own gift box. This customisable Ruby box comes at a fee of $20, and the add-ons are available at a top-up fee, as indicated with each add-on. Enjoy free delivery with your order as well!

Build-A-Box needs 1 minimum add-on to check-out, and can hold a maximum of 5 add-ons. Box looks great & presentable with 2 - 4 items.

This base box includes stuffing, and will be sealed with a ribbon and box band. Happy curating away!

Kindly note that the price listed is exclusive of GST. GST will included at checkout.

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