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DIY Flowers

DIY Flowers



DIY Flowers - Arrange Your Own Vase Of Flowers 

Have you always wanted to try your hand at a vase arrangement? These seasonal flowers are lovingly curated by us, featuring fresh flowers that will look great in a vase. Flowers will arrive un-arranged, and the actual design and overall look of the arrangement will depend on you and your creativity! Perfect as a floral project to spice up your home, or for friends who are flower lovers and have always wanted to do-it-themselves.

Comes with minimal packaging, this bunch of flowers will come as-is, without all that extra stuff (like elaborate wrapping). Please note that the wrapping for DIY Flowers only serves as protection during delivery! We want to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to unwrap, sort, and arrange the flowers in a vase upon receiving them. DIY flower bouquets include complimentary flower food sachets inside the tag sleeve. No other tools are provided.

Please note that the flowers in reference photos are not the actual flowers you will receive in your order. The type and colour of the flowers will not be revealed to you until it’s at your door. Model is holding size Big Love.

Free islandwide delivery available, for same day delivery* (T&Cs apply)

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