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Fresh: Potted Snake Plant



Sansevieria Superba - A big potted plant that improves air quality

This big potted snake plant, Sansevieria Superba, is believed to bring good luck as it filters air round the clock, eliminating toxins that are bad for your giftee! We believe that a little gesture of love goes a long way, and this easy-to-care-for potted plant baby is the perfect gift for someone that doesn't have too much of a green thumb. This plant will be approximately 25 - 30cm in height.

Kindly note that the product picture is only a reference photo.The plant baby has already been potted for your convenience. Each potted plant is unique and the arrangement, shape, colour, and size of it may vary. Rest assured, we will ensure that the potted plant is presentable and in good condition overall.

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