May 21, 2021 5 min read

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

#StayHome Father’s Day celebration tips, and matching gift ideas for dads.

Father’s Day is coming up in Singapore on 20 June, do you have your celebrations plans ready yet? The ongoing pandemic may be an added challenge to your Father’s Day 2021 planning, especially so if you are used to celebrating outdoors—whether it is a fun night out at your family’s favourite restaurant, or attempting an exhilarating outdoor adventure with your husband and kids. Despite the social distancing limitations, we believe that you can avoid the crowds, keep safe, and still have fun this Father’s Day, right from home!

On top of planning the rundown for that special day, your surprise isn’t complete without a thoughtful gift just for him. To help you out on unique Father’s Day gift ideas, we’ve come up with a list of matching gifts that will go perfectly well with your celebration idea for him this year. Let’s get started on crafting a thoughtful Father’s Day surprise for your dad, husband, brother, or work mentor, shall we?


Father’s Day Celebration Idea 1: Movie Marathon

The classic #StayHome idea that everyone loves—a movie marathon! Skip the cinema this time around, and set up your very own theatre space right from home. Lay out some blankets and pillows, and get comfy and cosy with your hubby and kids with some ice cold drinks (or coffee or tea if you’ve got the air conditioning blasting). 

Put on a list of movies you’ve always wanted to watch but haven’t got the time to (time to visit your Netflix List!), and have a ball of a time with your loved ones discussing your favourite characters, and guessing different plot lines.

But don’t forget the snacks! One fun part about having movie marathons at home is that you can have any snacks you want. No more worrying about sneaking your favourite bag of potato chips into the cinema, haha! Prepare a whole bunch of his all-time favourite snacks to munch on, and get your pantry stocked with his favourite drinks. Now you’re all set to have the most fun and memorable Father’s Day celebration right from home.


Movie Marathon Father’s Day Gift Pick: All Day Snack Box

For a Father’s Day present that will match the movie marathon celebration idea, gift him a curated box full of yummy snacks—theAll Day Snack Box at $49 with free delivery. This way everyone involved, including him, can snack on some yummy munchies while enjoying the movies!

All Day Snack Box includes: 

  • Nutty Protein Trail Mix byAmazin’ Graze
    A delicious blend of all-natural sweet almonds, creamy cashews, and earthy walnuts that’s packed with protein and fiber to keep you full and focused throughout the day.
  • Give Me S’mores Drip Coffee Bags byHook Coffee
    S’mores coffee—velvety hot chocolate coffee topped with marshmallows and spice.
  • Bali Origin Dark Chocolate byKrakakoa
    Dark chocolate with flavour notes of wood, olive, and lime. Sourced from a cocoa farmer in Jembrana, Bali. *Halal certified.
  • Sea Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate byKrakakoa
    Dark chocolate with punchy pepper and subtle sea salt. Bronze winner of the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards. *Halal certified.

All Day Snack Box is available at $49 with free delivery.


Father’s Day Celebration Idea 2: Karaoke Night

Is he a music lover? Host your very own karaoke night and fill the evening with his favourite jams. Surprise the dads in your life by curating a playlist of songs just for him, and sing your hearts out together! Our favourite go-to for #stayhome karaoke sessions isYouTube channel Sing King. It has great karaoke lyric videos to rock out to, and is always updated with the latest pop hits! 😉 


Karaoke Night Father’s Day Gift Pick: Happy Hour Box

To match the karaoke night celebrations, a Father’s Day gift idea we would recommend is theHappy Hour Box at $42 with free delivery, a curated box fit for a night of party! TheHappy Hour Box is the perfect Father’s Day gift to accompany your late-night Father’s Day singalongs. A karaoke bar right from the comfort of your own home… sounds like a great night to us!

If you’re celebrating Father’s Day from afar with family members or friends all across Singapore, this celebration idea will be a great option over Zoom and FaceTime calls as well. Host a virtual karaoke night, and surprise them with aHappy Hour Box each so that everyone can enjoy some good tunes with a drink and some popcorn! We deliver across Singapore for free, with no minimum spend.

Happy Hour Box includes: 

  • No. 1 Bottled Cocktail byDrink Easy
    A refreshing cocktail that is crafted with Gin, Vermouth, Campari, and Cointreau (150ml). Crafted by Boo Jing Heng, Diageo World Class Singapore Winner in 2016!
  • Toffee Mini Popcorn byPopcorn Shed
    Deliciously sweet with a butterscotch flavour. Vegan, gluten free, and it won’t get stuck in your teeth—always a plus.

Happy Hour Box is available at $42 with free delivery.


Father’s Day Celebration Idea 3: Home Spa

If your Father’s Day recipient is in need of a break, take the opportunity to help him unwind with a relaxing spa session, right from home. Gift your dad, husband, grandfather, brother, or uncle a pampering Father’s Day session where they can calm their busy mind, take in the moment, and use Father’s Day as a good weekend break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Home Spa Father’s Day Gift Pick: Midnight Slumber Box

A great gift for Father’s Day that will match the home spa celebration idea would be theMidnight Slumber Box, available at $95 with free delivery. Filled with pampering items that can lull him into a deep relaxing slumber, theMidnight Slumber Box is a great Father’s Day 2021 present to say “Happy Father’s Day, it’s now time to take a break!” 

Midnight Slumber Box includes: 

  • Black Fern Eye Mask byBatik Boutique
    Sleeping eye mask with an inner silk lining to protect your eyes. Made with 100% cotton hand-blocked Malaysian batik. Each mask is unique and may vary in colour & pattern.
  • Energise Massage & Body Oil byTo Be Calm
    Fresh & citrusy body oil that is all-natural, and enriched with the pure essential oils of Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Ginger. Useful for sluggishness and poor circulation (100ml).
  • Sandalwood & Amber Mini Candle byTo Be Calm
    Soothe the senses with this sandalwood & amber candle, created to calm anxieties and enhance deep relaxation into the night.

Midnight Slumber Box is available at $95 with free delivery.


Bonus Father’s Day Gift Idea for Any Celebration

Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like a thoughtfully customised gift. If you’re thinking of coming up with your own Father’s Day surprise plans, but you’re still on the hunt for a unique Father’s Day 2021 gift that’ll match your celebrations, we’ve got just the thing. 

Customise your very own gift box with any items that will suit your celebration needs withBuild A Box—a personalised gift option for the fathers in your life. Choose to personalise your present for dad with pampering treats, his favourite snacks, or indulgent drinks, the choice is yours! 

Build A Box is available from $15+ with free delivery.


Ready to Surprise Him this Father’s Day?

No matter how you are choosing to spend Father’s Day this year, we hope this guide served as an inspiration for your 2021 celebrations! Convey your unconditional love for the fathers in your life this 2021 with your very own customised gift box just for him, or opt for our readily curated gift boxes that he will be sure to love. 

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