August 19, 2020 8 min read

A wedding anniversary is that one special day a year to celebrate the love and commitment you have with your other half. Perhaps you want to wish your husband, wife, or parents a happy anniversary this year with a fun new activity. Or you want to top last year’s anniversary with an even more romantic celebration this year—but you just don’t know how or what anniversary ideas to take up in Singapore. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help!

We understand how it can be increasingly challenging to come up with new and interesting ways to celebrate your marriage anniversary as the years go by, especially when you’ve tried all anniversary ideas, and have been to all the popular anniversary celebration spots in Singapore. Thus, we’ve come up with a list of anniversary celebration and gift ideas that can never do you wrong, and are timeless, intimate, and thoughtful. Plus, they are also super inexpensive and affordable—score!

Say ‘Happy wedding anniversary!” with our list of anniversary celebration and gift ideas below. Whether it is anniversary gifts for him or anniversary gifts for her, these anniversary ideas will definitely make this year’s couple milestone a memorable one!

1. Go on your first date, again!

The first date is always the most memorable, either for being super tender and loving, or for being a little embarrassing (it happens to the best of us, no judgment here). Either way, it is that very moment where everything first started, and it can be incredibly fun and heart-warming to relive that first moment you both met, and to reminisce on all the fond memories you have with each other.

Go all out and travel back to the very place you both first held hands or had your first meal, and repeat the day. Order the same meal and don the same outfit—just for the fun of it! Bonus points if you attempt to recreate pictures that were taken on that special day as well, they’ll make a good keepsake for future you to look back on.

2. Rewrite your vows

Wedding vows are deeply personal and meaningful. They represent the love, dreams, and promises you have for one another, and they hold words that remain close to your heart as you move through life together. For couples who are celebrating their anniversary of 10 years or their 20 year anniversary, or even for your parents who are celebrating their silver anniversary (25 years) or golden anniversary (50 years), taking the time to rewrite your vows this year could be incredibly sweet and meaningful.

Rather than opting for the common gesture of renewing your vows (where you exchange the same pledges you made on your wedding day), why not rewrite them instead? Consider the past 10 or 20 years you’ve spent with your significant other—your life, circumstances, dreams, and goals have changed, and you’ve learnt much more about each other than before. Perhaps you’ve started a family with him or her and learned about their patience and perseverance, or you’ve gone through major milestones together and learned about each other’s strengths and traits—things that weren’t as obvious before. How have those moments of discovery impacted your relationship with each other?

So much has changed over the years and your anniversary will be a good time to relook at the marriage vows you’ve made for one another. Set aside an hour or two with each other on your special day, and update your own vows with the new-found appreciations you have for the other person. It’ll be a great opportunity to make new promises that involve your kids or recent additions to the family, or set out new dreams together as a couple.

Taking the time out of your yearly wedding anniversary celebration to rewrite your vows will not only be incredibly fun, it will serve as a meaningful time to connect and align with each other as well—on the dreams and promises you have for your relationship, and for each other.

3. Write a song for each other

We know… writing a song sounds incredibly daunting. Don’t worry! Place less focus on it turning out perfect, and approach it as an activity that is challenging and fun—treat it as the perfect opportunity to mess up and laugh over! If you think writing a song (lyrics, melody, the works) is too challenging, you can always rewrite the lyrics to one of your favourite songs.

Perhaps a song that is on your must-sing duet list when you sing karaoke, or a song that both of you have been obsessed with recently. You won’t even need an instrument, and the melody is already set! You can rewrite the lyrics to describe your relationship, or to talk about a recent adventure you’ve been on—the possibilities are endless.

This activity will be especially meaningful for couples who are celebrating their one year anniversary (paper anniversary) together! Traditionally, the anniversary gift for one year is paper, this can mean giving a letter, a book, or anything associated with paper. In this case, you can pen down the lyrics you’ve written together, and gift it to one another. Maybe frame an excerpt of the lyrics for the work desk, or turn it into a painting or print for your bedroom wall. It’ll be a memorable project to work on together, and it’ll be incredibly sweet to look back on!

4. Create a floral arrangement for your home together

You can never go wrong with flowers for any occasion, but why not switch things up this year? Rather than getting an anniversary bouquet of flowers, consider purchasing flowers as-is, and arranging them yourself. It’ll be a fun anniversary surprise to embark on together, and you’ll know what works best with the flower vase you have at home. This will surely take ‘anniversary flowers’ to another level, and double up as a memorable couple project you can both enjoy as you celebrate your anniversary from home.

If this sounds fun to you, opt for DIY Flowers that feature fresh seasonal flowers lovingly curated by us. Flowers will arrive unarranged, and the actual design and overall look and feel of the flower arrangement will depend on you and your partner’s creativity! DIY Flowers starts as low as $75 with free delivery in Singapore.

If you want to go all out, consider adding on a Flower Care Box as well. This starter kit is specially put together for beginners of floral arrangement. The box includes a glass vase, flower shears, and 10 flower food sachets—essentials for carrying out basic flower care and assisting you with your dream arrangement.

With DIY Flowers and a Flower Care Box, you will be all set for a fun floral arrangement project on your anniversary with your loved one! It’ll be a great opportunity to involve the kids as well, as a wedding anniversary family project.

For those looking for unique and affordable anniversary gift ideas for parents, DIY Flowers works as a great anniversary gift option too! It’s a unique gift that your parents can explore together for a happy wedding anniversary, right in the comfort of their own home.

5. Attempt a couple challenge

On your anniversary day, it’s all about you and your other half! One meaningful anniversary gift you can give each other is the power of communication, vulnerability, and love. Celebrate the relationship you have with each other with a couple question challenge, and take this opportunity to learn new things about each other!

We came across this set of questions, named The 36 Questions That Lead to Love, that includes intimate, introspective, and important questions that can help you open up to each other on this special day. According to the study behind these questions (by psychologist Arthur Aron and others), this list of questions aims to encourage mutual vulnerability, which can in turn foster a closer relationship. Making this the perfect couple anniversary activity to embark on together, where you can grow and develop your relationship with one another.

Mandy Len Catron from The New York Times attempted this set of questions with a university acquaintance, and you can read all about her fascinating and heart-warming experience here.

As you attempt the questions, consider filming or writing down your answers. This will make a good keepsake to revisit 10 years down the road, as a snapshot into your journey together as a couple!

6. Surprise them with breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast—much less in the comfort of your own bed? There are plenty of anniversary gifts for him, or anniversary gifts for her, but nothing says ‘celebration’ like some good food! Surprise your husband or wife on the morning of your anniversary with a platter of their favourites—scrambled eggs with sausages, or even whip up some pancakes! Skip the box pancakes and make some from scratch, there are many tried-and-tested pancake recipes out there, and here’s one by Inspired Taste that’s quick, easy, and ever so fluffy!

If you’re not one to cook at home, you can always drop by the usual store to get a bunch of their weekend breakfast favourites instead! Whether it is a plate of Chwee Kueh, Nasi Lemak, or some Kaya Toast with soft-boiled eggs, plate them up nicely and present the yummy anniversary gift to your husband or wife once they are awake. Now they have a breakfast feast to enjoy from bed! Any day that starts with some good food, makes for a good day 😉

Make that morning even more special with some flowers to accompany the breakfast spread, and to start the day off right! Browse our range of flowers bunches here from $35 with free delivery in Singapore.

7. Create a home spa

If both of you have been busy with work, and are in need of some relaxation to calm your mind and nerves, your wedding anniversary can be the perfect opportunity to unwind together! Creating a soothing home spa will give you the privacy and quality down time that both of you have been craving, and can make for one of the most soothing and romantic anniversary gift ideas as well.

Surprise your other half with the necessary home-spa essentials all set up in the living room or bedroom. Set the mood with some scented candles, and create a playlist of soothing love songs that you know your partner will enjoy. Otherwise, consider putting on a romantic movie instead for some fun entertainment! Surround them with their favourite treats and chocolates too, and try out a face mask or body scrub for more rejuvenation. Relax into the night with each other’s company and celebrate your anniversary the way you want to!

If you would like to put together a box of goodies for your home-spa anniversary, opt for Build-A-Box and customise your very own anniversary gift box. Fill the box with stuff like creamy chocolates, calming scented candles, soothing tea, and nourishing wellness items like face and lip masks, as well as body scrubs. Everything you need for the perfect romantic anniversary celebration in one place, starting from $15+ with free delivery in Singapore! Click here to browse all available items under Build-A-Box and start customising your home-spa anniversary gift box today.

At the end of the day, no matter which of these anniversary ideas you choose to take up, the most important thing is to be in the company of each other, and to fill your anniversary celebration with love and appreciation! The best gift, that means the world yet costs so little, is time. So aim to set aside some quality time with each other, with no distractions (those work emails can wait)! Spend the special day the way you want to, and let yourselves fall in love all over again. With the right intentions, any anniversary gift for your wife, or anniversary gift for your husband is enough!

Good luck, and happy anniversary from us! 🙂