January 15, 2021 2 min read


No matter where you’re from, receiving flowers is seen as a lovely gesture but there’s so much more significance to fresh flowers than just their divine beauty! Flowers express an array of feelings, from love to admiration, and even gratitude. By knowing the significance behind different flowers, you can choose a flower bunch that will be thoroughly appreciated — for whichever mood or occasion you’re eyeing at! To get you started, we’ve created a guide to help you better understand the meaning of some popular flowers so that you’d know what to choose next 😉


Known for being a “happy” flower with a bold and sunny charm, Sunflowers naturally bring great joy to brighten anyone’s day!

Ideal for: Wishing someone a get well soon, cheer up or congratulations!



These timeless and elegant beauties are the ultimate reminder of love and admiration.—perfect for that special someone in your life. Nothing describes romance better than Roses.

Ideal for: Valentine’s Day or simply any day of the week to say “I Love You”!



We could all use a little gift of affection, appreciation and even good luck sometimes. Great news, Carnations are here to thoughtfully signify those expressions!

Ideal for: Mother’s Day, or celebrating couple anniversaries to remind them of how much you value them!


Baby’s Breath

Exuding a charm of purity, innocence and compassion, a bunch of Baby’s Breath is the sweetest (and fluffiest) surprise!

Ideal for: Congratulating your BFF at her baby shower, accompanied with lots of smiles!



A great symbol of good wishes and rebirth, a lovely bunch of Tulips would simply make a thoughtful gift to cheer anyone on through the hurdles they face.

Ideal for: Reminding those who are taking on new adventures that you’ve got their back always!



Best at melting hearts, this cotton-candy lookalike represents gratitude for being understood, or anything sincerely heartfelt.

Ideal for: Celebrating anniversaries, friend-versaries, or simply to add some colour to anyone’s day!



Orchids are highly distinctive for their exotic blooms. Similarly, they represent rare and delicate beauty that you can’t help but fawn over!

Ideal for: Any occasion to surprise that special someone, whose charm you simply can’t resist!



With striking looks that’ll grab anyone’s attention, Gingers signify strength, diversity and limitless prosperity! 

Ideal for: Celebrating the birthdays of the bright and exceptional individuals in your life!


A real eye-catcher, Lilies exquisitely represent femininity, purity and love with its slender shape and sweet fragrance.

Ideal for: A wedding or simply an occasion to profess your friendship, affection or more!


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