April 12, 2018 2 min read

Because mom’s worth every breath, Happy Bunch is excited to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day with our beautiful rainbow baby’s breath bouquet – or as we more affectionately call, bunches.

A little fun fact about Mother’s Day – the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day originated from the United States, and dates back to the early 20th century. In 1905, peace activist Ann Jarvis campaigned to have the day recognized as an official holiday, in the year her mom passed away. It took her a good 5 years of hard work to have her proposal approved by the US Congress in 1911 . Since then, the tradition of celebrating awesome mothers has spread to many parts of the world, including sunny Singapore.

You can’t really go wrong with flowers on Mother’s day, can you? Besides celebrating the superwoman of your life, why not celebrate the other important women of your life as well? Be it for your wife who bore your kids for 9 months, your grandma, aunt, sister, best friend, or even your colleagues. It doesn’t really hurt to go the extra mile and send fresh flowers to them on Mother’s Day. Who doesn’t love a little sweet surprise, just because?

If you agree with us by now, you would probably start wondering, “Oh dear, I know nothing about flowers. How do I go about choosing the right mother’s day flowers and gifts for my ah mah?”. Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer. Just like any other gifts, it is the thought that counts. Find out what your mom likes, and choose your flowers and gifts accordingly.

In case you need a little help or inspiration, we at Happy Bunch vouch for the rainbow baby’s breath (also known as Gypsophila) this year. It is a highly suitable choice for Mother’s Day, though it can be a little understated & unconventional. Symbolizing everlasting and undying love, a baby’s breath bouquet is the perfect gift for any mom, who loves you unconditionally and endlessly. Choose to be that rainbow for your mom this Mother’s Day with our rainbow baby’s breath bouquet. As the name rainbow goes, it comes in a myriad of colours, set to brighten anyone’s day. Bonus: The baby’s breath is also known to be sturdy flower which also means that it will last pretty long. It also makes a real nice dried flower bouquet post-Mother’s Day.

On the other hand, if you prefer something more traditional, the carnation is the way to go. Carnations stand for deep love and affection, and is so-called the official flowers for Mother’s Day. The tradition of sending carnations on this special day started because it was Ann Jarvis’ favourite flower, which was popularized during her campaign in the 1900s.

With the above tips, you are now ready to have an amazing time with mom this coming Mother’s Day. Go & create new happy mom-ments!