December 11, 2020 3 min read

On Chinese New Year, gifting carries a lot of traditional meanings and values. It is an occasion for the giver to show appreciation, deep respect and sharing of culture to the receiver. Gifts can signify various forms of well wishes such as growing health, wisdom and happiness in the anticipated year. If you still can’t gather with friends and family, delivering such expressions of encouragement can also go a long way to spur each other on through 2021! Stick within a budget of $88 (an auspicious number we’d say!) with our handpicked gift boxes, curated to convey your best wishes this new year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🙂


“Wishing you a year full of good health!”

Filled the box with: Parchmen & Co Golden Tippy, Parchmen & Co Honey Orchid Dancong, Kittea Caramel Cocoa Rooibos Tea, Kittea Fruit Orchard Black Tea, Kittea Tea Stick (Total: $83 via customised Signature Box)

With the ongoing pandemic, “stay healthy and safe” seems to be the message of the moment as all of us are understandably concerned about the wellbeing of our friends and loved ones. With a thousand things to juggle, we often take for granted that health is the most valuable gift. Tea has a special place in Chinese culture in wishing good health and we are big believers of its benefits in promoting overall wellness 🙂 Root for them to conquer the new year with an assortment of luscious tea blends!


“Wishing you a year full of true clarity and wisdom!”

Fill the box with: Mossery Tulips Notebook, Kawaii Pen Shop Floral Pocket Notebook, Kawaii Pen Shop Cloud Square Sticky Note, Kawaii Pen Shop Cloud Sunset Index Sticky Tab, Kawaii Pen Shop Long Ombre Sticky Note, Kawaii Pen Shop Cloud Gel Ink Pens, Left-Handesign Plantable Pen (Total: $82 via customised Signature Box)

Besides staying physically healthy, a healthy mind and spirit are also key to attracting serenity and better fortunes in the coming year!Chinese New Year is a time for new beginnings and many people welcome the chance to start afresh and leave the past behind. If you know of a special someone who went through tough adversities in the past year, introducing them to journaling is a good way to aid mental clarity and healthy rumination. Put together a gift with everything they’ll need to get started: some lovely blank notebooks, smooth-writing pens and adorable sticky notes to walk them through 2021 🙂


“Wishing you a year full of peace and happiness!”

Fill the box with: SoL Cups Radiant Rose Glass Cup, Parchmen & Co Golden Tippy, Krakakoa Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar (Total $75 via customised Signature Box)

Wish them even more good luck and fortune with a box filled with red goodies to symbolise luck, joy and happiness! Not only do they convey warm wishes, these gifts are practical and versatile enough to be gifted to any of your friends 🙂 For the busy-bee housewife or the spirited go-getter, they’ll both love it!


Ready to usher in the Year of the Ox?

Xin nian kuai le! Begin this wondrous year with generosity and happiness. Click here to begin curating your customised Chinese New Year gift box and fill it up with everything that catches your fancy! Gift boxes start at $15+, with free same-day delivery. 


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