December 17, 2021 1 min read

Sometimes, all you want to do for Christmas is grab and go. And we can’t fault you for it either, not when the malls are flooded with shoppers with the same idea. Rather than face down the crowd to walk away with only a gift card (because the rest of the items are out of stock), why not let us help you with last-minute gifting strats in this two-parter guide?

Read part one here

#1 Festivi-tea Box | $52

The tea lover’s delight. Bask in the aroma of melon, the perfect refresher after a heavy and indulgent Christmas meal. Strike the right balance, sweeten with honey as needed!

#2 Merry Choc-mas Box | $56

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, but not just any hot cocoa, a spiced orange one! Our Yuzu Sea Salt Chocolate from Fossa Chocolate is a great complement, but we’ve also included Krakakoa’s Dark Milk Baguette Chocolate Bark for that additional crunch. Yum.

#3 What A Treat Box | $79.90

If you want to cover all the bases this Christmas, look no further! The What A Treat Box has a lil’ bit of everything that your loved ones could ask for, and more.
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