January 08, 2022 2 min read

Gifting carries a lot of traditional meanings and values, especially during Chinese New Year! As an occasion to show appreciation, and deep respect, CNY gifts can convey all sorts of well-wishes such as enduring health, prosperity, and happiness. Whether you’re planning on a gathering with friends and family or celebrating from afar, delivering such expressions of encouragement can also go a long way to spur each other on through 2022! 

Stick to a budget of $88 (an auspicious number we’d say!) with our gift boxes, each curated to convey only the best this CNY. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

1. Longevi-tea Box | $53

Gifting tea also means gifting good health, or longevi-tea! The act of drinking tea can boost immunity, fight off inflammation and even ward off heart diseases. This gift box is filled with one that is meant to be slow-brewed and savoured, and topped off with honey to sweeten. Definitely a gift option for the parents and in-laws!

2. Fortu-nut Box | $55

From full wallets to promoting togetherness, nuts have got going us nuts just thinking about their symbolisms. We’ve taken the liberty to fill this gift box up with all sorts of prosperous nut mixes, plus a special treatthe best-selling buttery Almond Cookies from Mdm Ling Bakery.

3. Prosperous Box | $74.40

What’s bold, beautiful, and stunning in red? Why that’s the Prosperous Box, of course! The traditional treats are sure to be a hit, while theinventive options keep things fresh. After all, what’s a New Year without a mix of the old AND the new?

4. Treasure Box | $83.50

CNY is incomplete without some punches of colour! The Treasure Box is not just a feast for the eyes though, but the belly too. Packed to the brim with tea, munchies, and novel pineapple delights, it covers all fronts so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve nailed your gifting strat.

5. Huat A Treat Box | $71.80

The successor of our Christmas “What A Treat” Box, this all-new “Huat A Treat” Box features a good mix of must-have CNY snacks that is… you guessed it, Halal-certified!
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