December 04, 2020 3 min read


Curated Valentine’s Day gift ideas that he’ll actually like

With most of the gifting buzz being geared towards the ladies, it can be hard to find suitable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend. You’re probably on the verge of frustration and have been refreshing on the “Valentine’s Day gifts for him” search results page for a few days now. Gifting for men can be underappreciated at times so we’re shifting the spotlight towards them in this guide to thoughtfully curated Valentine gift boxes for men! If you still can’t put a finger on exactly what you should get for bae, pick one that speaks accurately to his interest and you’ll be sure to hit the spot! You know your guy best, and we’re here to help with personalised gift boxesthat will go above and beyond for Valentine’s Day 2021.


The Crowd Pleaser

Box consisting of: Alwis & Xavier Aquamarine Solid Cologne, Oasis Blue Pea Solid Shampoo, Oasis Lavender Solid Conditioner, Oasis Detox Clay Face Mask – via customised Luxe Box(Total: $95)

You look at him and wonder, how can one not be completely allured by his lingering charisma? It’s no surprise that this extrovert is present in every social circle and gaining mountains of connections. Let him put his best foot forward with a box full of must-have beauty products for him to constantly look good and feel good!


The Goal Getter

Box consisting of: Mossery Black Speckle Notebook, Kawaii Pen Shop Cloud Square Sticky Note, Left-Handesign Plantable Pen, Corkcircle Tumbler, Hook Coffee Sweet Bundchen Drip Coffee Bags – via customised Luxe Box (Total: $114.90)

Getting him the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max might be slightly out of reach, but you can shower him with your utmost support in other ways. With a good mix of trusty stationeries and caffeine, compile the best productivity gifts to spur those crosses off the busy bee’s to-do list!


The Foodie

Box consisting of: Amazin’ Grace Antioxidant Berry Trail Mix, Boxgreen Hearty & Healthy Trio, Karaokoa Creamy Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar, Fossa Chocolate Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate – via customised Luxe Box (Total: $56)

If the way to his heart is through his stomach, this box will pack a gastronomical punch! Expand his options beyond the usual potato chips and pretzels, and cure his midnight snacking doldrums with an array of snacks! How about throwing in a recipe book to help him whip some up of his own? 🙂


The Eco-Hero

Box consisting of: SoL Cup Cool Cyan Glass Cup, Peco Bag Not Your Average Joe, 7 Day Vegan Challenge book – via customised Luxe Box (Total: $97.95)

Has he been constantly reminding you to bring a tote bag along for grocery shopping? These admirable eco-heroes deserve some well lovin’ thisFebruary 14 so we’ve rounded up the perfect eco-friendly gifts (including a vegan recipe book for those meatless Mondays) to exclaim “I care about you (and the earth)!”


The Romantic

Box consisting of: I Love You Greeting Card, Fossa Chocolates Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Fossa Chocolates Rustic Gems Chocolate, Krakakoa Bali Origin Dark Chocolate, To Be Calm Coconut Rain Mini Candle – via customised Luxe Box (Total: $83)

You may have already stolen his heart, but we’ve got the ideal box to make him fall head over heels with you all over again. If he’s the type to swoon at sweet romantic gestures, these delectable choices, from dark to honey orchid tea chocolate plus a handwritten message will be melting his heart till the next Valentine’s Day comes around!


The Party Goer

Box consisting of: Drink Easy No.1 Bottled Cocktail, Drink Easy No. 2 Bottled Cocktail, Brass Lion Distillery Singapore Dry Gin, Krakakoa Creamy Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar, Krakakoa Sea Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate – via customised Luxe Box (Total: $85)

If you can always count on him to get the party started, stick to what this party animal already knows and loves with a box of booze and chocolates! If your Party Goer is more into alcohol-free drinks, you can swap the booze with a mocktail recipe book to prepare the best celebratory drinks for an equally good time 😉


Ready to surprise your Valentine?

Customise your gift boxes based on our suggestions or whichever way you prefer! No matter which gift you pick, there’s no doubt that he’ll love it because it came straight from your heart.

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