June 04, 2020 2 min read

Just received a bunch of flowers? Why not deconstruct your bunch and create your own Cluster Centrepiece! There are many ways to arrange flowers, and the Vase Cluster Arrangement is simple, versatile, and beginner-friendly.

You’ll need several clear vessels, most preferably in a variety of shapes, heights, and sizes. Here we used a perfume reed diffuser bottle, a spaghetti sauce jar, a small drinking glass, and a couple of wine bottles—items we all have laying around the house! Click here for more home vase alternative ideas.

Ready to get started on your arrangement? Gather all the vessels you can find, and place them into a cluster. Position the taller vessels either at the back, or in the middle.

Deconstruct your bunch, and separate the flowers into the individual vessels. Position the focal flower (Protea) in the middle, and the secondary flowers (Leucadendron, Tulips) and foliage around it. You can place one to five stems of blooms in each vessel—whichever looks best to you!

Spread the vases around the house, cluster them as a centrepiece, or line them up neatly along a long table! This Vase Cluster Arrangement is very versatile, so just have fun with it!

We hope the guide has been useful—there’s really no right or wrong way to create a vase arrangement. The fun is in messing up and getting your hands dirty, so go crazy with it and do what looks good to you!  If it doesn’t turn out like how you want it to, give it another go! Just keep trying, and don’t forget to have fun 😉

Want to try it yourself?

View our DIY Flowers bunch, where you can purchase a bunch of flowers (yes, JUST flowers, without the extra stuff like elaborate wrapping) for your own floral DIY adventures! Perfect for flower lovers who have always wanted to try a hand at creating their own arrangement.

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