March 06, 2020 1 min read

In line with our theme for March—Bold & Beautiful, we will be honouring one Gift Box partner each week by talking about the bold & beautiful work they do! ✨

Through curating products for the Bold & Beautiful box, our team came across Our Barehands. We first fell for their range of charming accessories, but we later knew we had to collaborate with them once we learned about the big heart behind their brand.

The driving force of their business is to empower international small-producing communities, by connecting them with global resources and opportunities. By providing wider market access and fair wages, Our Barehands help their artisan partners, and the communities they live in better attain financial independence!

We will be working with them for the Bold & Beautiful Box, and in it you can find the Nilar Bead Column Necklace. The necklace is designed and handcrafted by Eh Wah and her team of women (seen in the pictures above). The team is based in Myanmar, and is made up of individuals who were unable to find employment because of their health condition. The handicrafts they produce not only create a sustainable livelihood for themselves, it brings about an increase in confidence and self-respect as well.

You can read more about Our Barehands, and Eh Wah and her team on the Our Barehands website. It is our privilege to be able to support their story, and to partner them for our Bold & Beautiful Box. Thank you for being such a great partner to work with, and for inspiring us to be bold, beautiful, and big-hearted! ❤️

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