March 23, 2021 4 min read

Wondering what a day at Happy Bunch Singapore is like? Today, we are huddling up with our Operations Interns of 2020/21 to learn more about their internship experience, and how they are feeling about their journey with Happy Bunch so far!

Sabrina (S) and Lu Xuen (LX), Operations Interns at Happy Bunch


How long have you been interning with Happy Bunch?

S: Close to 4 months!

LX: Hold on, let me count… it’s the start of my 15th week! 


What do you do at Happy Bunch?

S: I handle daily operations, take charge of customer enquiries from day to day, as well as coordinate with delivery agents so that our orders go out smoothly and on time.

LX: I prepare for dispatch daily, and handle the processing of order data in advance for the next day. Overall, we handle the operational duties for Happy Bunch from day to day! We are also the hands behind the gift boxes, where we will pack the gifts to fulfil customer orders. 


What do you like about your internship with Happy Bunch?

S: I know of friends who work in a warehouse without air conditioning, and at least there is air conditioning here! (Laughs) Other than that, I like that we have control over where the stocks go and where things go. Additionally, I also like that I’m involved in negotiating contracts with our delivery service provider, and I get to lead certain projects and get a taste of project management.

LX: I like that I get exposure to different parts of the business and its processes, as we keep things pretty transparent around here and everyone is willing to share their knowledge about the business. I also like that I’m around flowers every day! Sometimes I get to take some home for free and that’s definitely a plus (Laughs).


What were some challenges you faced during your internship?

S: I came in just before the peak period during Christmas, and it got pretty stressful for me as I was very new to everything, and there was a lot to do right from the get-go. I felt like I was pretty much thrown into it! (Laughs) I wasn’t completely prepared to handle the incoming volume of orders, but I definitely started to get the hang of things after I was more familiar with what to do. Even though it was stressful, I definitely learned a lot from the experience and got more confident with my work after that.  

LX: Operations involve a lot of manual and physical work like packing the items, and making sure the stocks are in check. This is why one big challenge I faced was the physical intensity surrounding the role, as it can get very tiring as you’re on your feet most of the time!


What were some memorable moments you experienced at Happy Bunch?

S: Definitely times when I had to interact with customers. Some customers really made my day with their words of appreciation! Because of their kind messages, you know your hard work and efforts paid off. There was a lady who left us a really nice and sincere review even though she didn’t have to, and it really made my day!

LX: Some days can go by with no issues at all, and some days everything can just turn for the worst! It’s those days that are very memorable for me. It’s just funny how sometimes when one issue arises, multiple issues will happen altogether at the same time!


If you were to describe your internship experience with us in 3 words, what would it be?

S: Tiring, interesting, vibrant! It is vibrant because everyone here is bright, friendly, and nice—every morning we’ll greet each other hello. This may seem like a small thing, however it really shows how everyone is in it together and there’s a lot of team spirit! Plus, it is vibrant cause you are constantly surrounded by flowers!

LX: Challenging, Fastpaced, Teamwork! I say challenging because what seems like a simple problem may not exactly involve a simple solution—sometimes the answer requires more thought and coordination than it appears. I only really understood that over the course of this internship when I had to come up with methods to solve arising issues.


If you had to recommend one flower bunch or gift item to others, what would it be?

S: I like the Petite Bunch range, because it is really affordable and I like the designs. Petite Candy looks especially pretty with the pink Spray Roses. 

LX: I would recommend Petite Acai, because I like the purple and peach colour palette of the flowers in the bunch! Plus the size is just nice and looks great in the wrap.


Do you have any advice for others who are pursuing their internships, whether at Happy Bunch or elsewhere?

S: Be proactive, but know your limits. Understand what you can or cannot handle! If you know you are taking up too much workload for yourself, you need to be able to review, reprioritise, and ask for support rather than suffer silently (Laughs). 

LX: Always list down the questions you already have, even if they are questions about the tiniest details. It’s always better to clarify if you’re in doubt.


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