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Conveying long-lasting devotion, fresh life and rebirth, the Lily represents the commitment of two people who’ve weathered the ups and downs of married life to reach the big three-o. In fact, even the Chinese translation, 百合 (bǎi hé), sounds like the proverb 百年好合 (Bǎi nián hǎo hé), which stands for a happy union for one hundred years.
As such, there’s really no better flower to symbolise, and to gift, in celebration of the big anniversary milestones! So, we peel back the layers of the different colours and symbolisms to help you assemble the perfect bunch for different occasions.



White Lily Meaning

  • Purity and Virtue
  • Rebirth or the complete restoration of innocence for the departed soul


When To Gift White Lily

  • Weddings
  • Funerals for some Chinese cultures, in the U.S and Singapore too



Pink Lily Meaning

  • Love, compassion and admiration
  • Femininity
  • Prosperity and abundance


When To Gift Pink Lily



Yellow Lily Meaning

  • Thankfulness
  • Joy
  • Gratefulness


When To Gift Yellow Lily



Red Lily Meaning

  • Romance
  • Passion


When To Gift Red Lily



Orange Lily Meaning

  • Honour
  • Respect
  • Confidence


When To Gift Orange Lily

  • Celebrate promotions
  • New house



Lily For Gifting: Do's

  • Historically, Lilies are gifted for the 30th anniversary, so if you’re looking for the surprise for your parents’ wedding anniversary, this is it.
  • People who love flowers will surely appreciate having Lilies around the house, for they are quite long-lasting. Yay for a pop of colour!


Lily For Gifting: Don'ts

  • Lilies can cause kidney failure in cats. Avoid gifting these to cat owners!
  • Some Lilies, especially the Oriental variety, produces a lot of pollen. While stamens (that contain pollen) can be trimmed away, it’s advisable not to gift these to people who have allergies.



With their lush petals, the Lily is already a showstopper, and when you put them in a vase arrangement, they get even more attractive! Even better yet, these cut beauties have a longer life compared to most, and when shown proper care, can last up to more than two weeks.

Basic Care Steps For Cut Lilies

  • Once they’ve arrived, trim an inch from their stems in a diagonal fashion, with a sharp, clean clipper, while keeping the stems submerged in water.
  • Clear any leaves below the water line to reduce the chances of bacteria build up.
  • Fill your vase with room temperature water, and add in flower food as needed.
  • Keep the vase topped up with water, and change once every two days. Remove leaves and flowers as they fade.
  • Need more tips? Read our Flower Care Guide!


Additional Pro-Tips for Lily Flower Care

  • Though planted Lilies do well in sunlight, cut Lilies are the opposite. To keep the blooms looking fresh, and for increased life length, store them in a cool environment.
  • Removing the pollen isn’t just good for your health, but your Lilies too! It can erode the petals and reduce the lifespan of your flowers significantly.



And if the Lily isn’t dramatic enough for you, its history certainly is. The first Lily was believed to have come from Hera’s breast milk, and it all started with Hercules; Zeus wanted his demi-god son, whom he fathered with a mortal, to feed from Hera. When she awoke from being drugged by Zeus, she flung baby Hercules from her, and a few drops fell to the Earth and created the first of these blooms.

Despite its godly ties, the earliest documentation of a Lily was a picture discovered in Crete, back in 1580 B.C! They’re also one of the oldest cultivated plants, grown by Ancient Greeks, Romans and Asians for their medicinal properties.


Confused? There are many other flowers with Lily in their name too, such as Daylilies, Water Lily, and Calla Lily, but don’t be mistaken! Only the Liliaceae are considered to be “true Lilies” (mind-boggling, we know).


Today, there are about 610 species within the Liliaceae familybut most have similar characteristics. Telltales include petaloid tepals (joined petals and sepals), with six stamens and an ovary.

Asiatic Lilies

  • Scentless
  • Pollen-free
  • Comes in all colours
  • Has spotted petals
  • Native to Asia



Oriental Lilies

  • Very fragrant
  • Pollen-heavy
  • White, pink, red, yellow
  • Flowers can bloom up to 22cm
  • Native to Japan



Trumpet Lilies

  • Very fragrant
  • Pollen-heavy
  • Comes in all colours, sometimes two-toned
  • Bowl-shaped petals
  • Native to Japan and Taiwan



With so much versatility and symbolism, Lilies truly make for the most heartfelt gift on any anniversary, especially for a very special 30th! But don’t forget, it’s best not to send these to any cat owners.