April 07, 2021 2 min read

Today marks one year since Circuit Breaker started, time flies doesn’t it? The last 12 months have been an incredibly difficult journey for us—full of moments when we pondered long and hard about our chance of survival.

As cut flowers in Singapore relies on imported flowers, we faced a lot of challenges securing flowers when border closures were enforced in many countries. We still remember not knowing whether we could continue selling flowers, as it was hard to secure them at an affordable price point. On top of that, the pandemic cast a lot of uncertainty and doubt in the early days on which type of businesses could maintain physical operations. At one point, we accepted the probability that we might have to close our operations—which would also mean the end for us.

Thankfully, upon being given the green light to operate and with support from many of you, we fought on. The journey was challenging in many ways but we hustled hard and made radical changes to our products & operations to stay afloat. From rolling out Build A Box, to not revealing the designs of our Signature Surprise Bunch in advance, we want to thank you for embracing the changes, and maintaining your trust in us with your celebrations and surprises.

It takes a lot to keep a business running like clockwork and we couldn’t have pulled through without the support from many business partners behind the scenes. Thank you for extending a hand and supporting us whenever we needed help! To our #HBFamily as well—we can’t be more grateful to be surrounded by people who have given so much love, strength and hope in both the good and bad times over the years.

It has been a trying year and we’re happy and relieved that we’ve managed to survive through it all. While the journey ahead will never be easy, it gives us strength knowing that we are surrounded by an amazing team, supportive partners, and encouraging customers.

Thank you again from the depths of our hearts for sticking with us the past year! 💖 Now, time to take on the rest of 2021! 💪

With love,
Happy Bunch Team