May 24, 2019 2 min read

We bade farewell to Jannah, our Operations Associate, aka Little Miss Chocoholic. Jannah left #HBFamily to further her studies yesterday. She joined us just a few weeks prior to Valentine’s Day this year, and we were so glad to have her in the team the past 4 months.

Jannah was the behind-the-scene superwoman who ensured all the inquiries were attended to with much love, care and amazing speed. She also made sure all the deliveries were handled smoothly. It was a steep learning curve for Jannah at the start, but she was eager to take up the challenge and get things get done.

Our time together was short, yet very fulfilling. We dread seeing her leave, but we know that it’s something she really wants to do and we will always root for her!

We will miss you dearly, our Little Miss Chocoholic! 😊

Here’s a note from Jannah:

While I am excited about the new journey that I will be taking, there is also a part of me that is sad to say goodbye. Throughout my time in Happy Bunch, I have gained a lot of experience and learned important skills.

There were times when things became very hectic, but with the help and support from the team, I managed to pull through the tough times.

I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting me during the past 4 months that I was here. It’s been a great pleasure working with the team, and I will cherish all the happy memories made! ❤

Do stay in touch, and till then, thank you! 😊

P.S. I can definitely identify flowers much easily now! 😊