May 26, 2020 2 min read

Fossa Chocolate

Brand Highlights: Local, Handmade, Women-led

Fossa Chocolate is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker—handcrafted in Singapore, and individually packaged by hand! Their chocolates have no additives, and they use only high quality cacao.

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Their Products

Honey Orchid Tea Chocolate

Tea chocolate with a lingering lychee sweetness and a biscuity undertone. Gold Award winner of the International Chocolate Awards 2019. Bar is 50g.

Honey Orchid Oolong Tea Chocolate

Florally fragrant chocolate layered with notes of guava and cream. Silver Award winner of the International Chocolate Awards 2019! This chocolate is a collaboration with rare tea curator Pekoe & Imp. Bar is 50g.

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with a classic! Creamy, full-bodied 70% dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. The salt cuts through the chocolate, bringing out a satisfying sweetness! Bar is 50g.

Blueberry Lavender & Oats Dark Milk Chocolate

Floral, creamy dark milk chocolate with lavender, chewy dehydrated blueberries, and toasty oats. Nourishing and relaxing to the senses! Bar is 50g.

Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate

Biscuity white chocolate, with a sprinkle of homemade salted egg cereal.Bronze Award winner for the International Chocolate Awards 2017 and 2018, and Silver Award winner for the International Chocolate Awards 2019. Bar is 50g.

Orange Pecan Shortbread Chocolate

Bright & tangy festive chocolate with toasted caramelised pecan, housemade cinnamon shortbread crumble, and a touch of orange oil. Bar is 50g.

Orange Pineapple Dark Chocolate

Tangy and cherry-forward, this 70% dark chocolate bar is fruity and indulgent. Plus, it has chewy pineapples—it can’t get yummier than this. Bar is 50g.

Rustic Gems Chocolate

These bite-sized Rustic Gems are inspired by how ancient chocolates used to be like, and are the perfect little nibbles for guilt-free pleasure! Pairs well with coffee, whisky and rum. Box is 55g.



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