May 25, 2020 2 min read

Hook Coffee

Brand Highlights: Local, Women-led, Sustainable

Hook Coffee started right here in Singapore in 2016, and their mission is to make socially and environmentally sustainable coffee accessible to all.

They source ethically produced and sustainably grown coffee beans from around the world, and want to empower coffee farmers and lovers alike to make coffee better! Their farmers receive a bigger share of the final retail value and this is just one of the ways they show support for their skills and hard work. They aren’t 100% Direct Trade yet, but are aiming to get there.

Their unique and delicious coffees provide a great start to any morning, and their fuss-free Drip Bags are convenient and easy to use (it does not require any apparatus!). Scroll below to view the coffee flavours we have for Build-A-Box, and to learn how to use their Drip Bags!


Their Products

Flower Power Drip Coffee Bags

Coffee with notes of rose, smokey oolong, and sweet summer berries. Floral and fruity! Bags are 10g each.

Give Me S’mores Drip Coffee Bags

S’mores coffee—velvety hot chocolate coffee topped with marshmallows and spice. Bags are 10g each.

Speculose Your Mind Drip Coffee Bags

Speculoos biscuit coffee. Caramelised, spiced and biscuity, warm up your day with a cuppa! Bags are 10g each.

Butterfingers Drip Coffee Bags

Butterscotch cookie coffee—luscious mouthfeel with a distinctly buttery and toffee-sweet taste. Bags are 10g each.

Sweet Bundchen Drip Coffee Bags

Kinder Bueno coffee, with rich milk chocolate & delicately nutty hazelnuts. Delicious and addictive! Comes in a set of two drip coffee bags. Bags are 10g each.

Berry Poppins Drip Coffee Bags

Berry Poppins coffee is a magical melody of dark berry, orange, and floral tasting notes. Comes in a set of two drip coffee bags. Bags are 10g each.

One in a Melon Drip Coffee Bags

Watermelon candy coffee, with sweet notes of stewed stone fruits and strawberries. Comes in a set of two drip coffee bags. Bags are 10g each.

Relation-Chip Goals Drip Coffee Bags

Chocolate chip cookie coffee, with caramelised almonds, dates, brown sugar, vanilla, and dried fruits. Comes in a set of two drip coffee bags. Bags are 10g each.


Singablend Drip Coffee Bags

Enjoy the buttery, milky taste of iced gem biscuits with your cuppa. A limited-edition blend with a local twist! Comes in a set of two drip coffee bags. Bags are 10g each.



How to use the Drip Bags

They work like a drip coffee maker, but are much simpler to use, and are portable and single-use.

Brew Instructions:

  1. Tear open the drip bag and pop it over a cup.
  2. Pour 150ml of hot water (~95 degrees celcius) through the bag.
  3. Let the coffee drip into your cup. It won’t take more than a minute.
  4. Dispose of the bag and enjoy! You can even steep the drip coffee bag in your cup for a more intense and full-bodied cup.

Each drip bag contains 11g of coffee and brews exactly 1 cup. Do not reuse.



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