January 28, 2021 1 min read

Maison 21G

Brand Highlights: Local, Women-led

Maison 21G promises you a perfume that will speak to your soul and innermost desires.  A Maison is the French word for a house. They invite you to their house, their home, that provides the feeling of comfort to be completely yourself and express yourself through your own scent.

Miniature Honey Heaven Perfume

Honey Roll-On Eau de Parfum (5ml). A warm, sensual, and addictive roll-on scent that adds an element of everyday elegance to any outfit.

Miniature Sage Supreme Perfume

Sage Roll-On Eau de Parfum (5ml). Fresh with a touch of fruit. Almost woody and aromatic at first, and warmer amber notes will gradually emerge from this roll-on scent as it evolves.

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