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Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the moon when it’s the roundest and fullest during the year, usually falling on the 15th of the eighth month on the lunar calendar. It’s also the one day in a year where families bond over delectable mooncakes, hence its other name, the Mooncake Festival!

Wish your loved ones a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival on Saturday 10 September 2022 with our range of thoughtful gifts. Customise your very own Mid-Autumn gift box with mooncakes and tea, or pair your mooncakes with a bunch of flowers. Plus, enjoy free delivery in Singapore on all orders!

All you need is love. We’ll take care of the rest!


The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration isn’t complete without mooncakes! This year, we are teaming up with Mandarin Oriental Singapore to bring you delectable mooncakes, delivered straight to your loved ones. 

Classic traditional baked mooncakes Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste are available in Single and Double Yolk varieties, alongside two new must-try flavours that your friends & family will love: Chestnut with Taro Coconut and Hongyu Black Tea Lotus with Pomelo, Citrus Peel & Pumpkin Seeds.


Whether you are sending a small Mid-Autumn treat to a friend, or a box of mooncakes for the whole family to share, there’s something for everyone!

Cherry Garden 
Traditional Baked Mooncake

A traditional mooncake, elegantly packaged in individual lilac, red or green tins. Perfect if you’re looking for a Mid-Autumn gift with lots of variety — 

pair the Mooncake with other indulgent treats like tea and snacks.

Cherry Garden 
Two Treasure Baked Mooncakes 

Double up on the goodness. This box set of 2 includes a Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste Traditional Mooncake (Single Yolk) 

and a Hongyu Black Tea Lotus Traditional Mooncake With Pomelo, Citrus Peel & Pumpkin Seed.

Cherry Garden 
Four Treasure Baked Mooncakes 

Looking to send mooncakes for everyone to share? Sample two Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste Mooncakes, a Chestnut Mooncake With Taro Coconut, and a Hongyu Black Tea Lotus Mooncake With Pomelo, Citrus Peel & Pumpkin Seed.


Make your loved one’s Mid-Autumn Festival a day to remember with these thoughtful gift ideas. Opt to keep it simple with just mooncakes, or go the extra mile by customising your own Mid-Autumn gift box. If your recipient loves flowers, choose to gift the mooncakes with a bunch of fresh blooms!

Just Mooncakes

Keep it classic this Mid-Autumn and get mooncakes delivered right to your recipient’s doorstep as-is.

Customise A Gift Box

Ideal for those looking to personalise their surprise. Pair the Single Mooncake with soothing tea blends and other treats.

Mooncakes & Flowers

Make this Mid-Autumn extra memorable, light up their day with a box of mooncakes, and a bunch of fresh flowers.

say happy mid-autumn festival with a thoughtful gift 

On 10 September 2022, surprise your loved ones with mooncakes alongside other goodies, and bring some much needed cheer to their Mid-Autumn celebrations. 


Preorders for Mandarin Oriental mooncakes end on 

15 August, so snag yours now!