August 24, 2022 2 min read

Celebrating love during Valentine’s is a must, albeit a little cliché! However, if you’ve missed the opportunity to or you simply want to shake things up, why not pick one of these dates to make your love known instead?

White Day | March 14

Celebrated exactly one month after Valentine’s Day on 14th February, White Day first began in Japan, and got increasingly popular over the years! It’s also when people give reciprocal gifts to those who gave them Valentine’s gifts.

Rose Day | May 14

Rose Day is celebrated in Korea, and is perfect for lovey-dovey couples. Like the name suggests, these partners will exchange roses on the day of, dressed in matching cheery yellow.

520 Day | May 20

520 Day might sound a bit random, but phonetically it sounds like “Wo Ai Ni” or “I love you” in Chinese. Another day to celebrate love, which is a win we’d say!

Kiss Day | June 14

Like the name suggests, Kiss Day has a lot to do with exchanging kisses. But before you pucker up, better pamper your lips and get them plumped and moisturised withlip products!

Silver Day | July 14

As a symbol of love and growing commitment, couples exchange a set of engraved silver rings on Silver Day.

Chinese Valentine’s Day | August 4

Legend has it that there was a young but poor cowherd called Niulang. He had an old ox, which happened to be the god of cattle. Niulang once saved the ox when it was sick, and to show its gratitude, the old ox introduced him to Zhinü, a fairy of a goddess. They fell in love, got married, and lived a happy life together unbeknownst to the goddess.

When the goddess found out, she was furious and sent soldiers to bring Zhinü back. In order to rescue her, the god of cattle asked Niulang to kill it and put on its hide, so he would be able to go up to heaven to find his wife. 


But before he caught up with Zhinü, the goddess of heaven took out her hairpin and created a huge river between them, and they were separated forever. Heartbroken, he could only weep until magpies, moved by their love, flew up into heaven and formed a bridge. As a result, the magpie bridge forms once a day every year, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month — hence the name, Qixi festival or Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Much like the normal Valentine’s Day, people usually celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day by giving flowers, chocolates, and other presents to their sweethearts!

When will you be celebrating with your loved ones?

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