February 25, 2022 2 min read

On March 8th of every year, people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day by not only shopping atwomen-owned businesses but also by gifting flowers. Not only do these precious blooms serve as great tokens of appreciation, they’re able to convey your feelings that you might otherwise find hard to verbalise. 

We picked out some options for you below, just in case you need some inspiration and help!

1. Gerbera

This beauty comes in many, many shades, but the one we’re after this time around is pink. Why? Well, it’s because the pink Gerbera stands for respect, admiration, and gratitude. A fitting gift for your female role models and mentors.

2. Sunflower

Much like a mini sun, the Sunflower is the personification of happiness and warmth. However, it also represents adoration, loyalty, and longevity. It’s a flower that all mums will appreciate, we’d say!

3. Chrysanthemum

Depending on the colour of Chrysanthemums, the gifting intent changes! In true IWD fashion, the purples are an excellent pick. After all, which woman wouldn’t want to be associated with longevity and royalty?

4. Hydrangea

The Hydrangea isn’t just pretty to look at, it’s also a representation of gratitude, grace, love, harmony, peace, and beauty. It also has a rather short blooming season, so grab them while you can!

5. Rose

Valentine’s may be over, but Roses do carry another meaning other than love: Courage. Whether it’s platonic or romantic love, you can celebrate IWD with another Rose bouquet for sure.

Which bouquet of flowers are your pick?

All of these flowers are lovely in their own way, and so are the ladies in your life. Find their perfect match, and get to gifting!

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