June 27, 2022 2 min read

Your company is expanding, and you finally have newbies on your team! Get to know them or ease them into the role with a thoughtfully curated gift set. It’s meant to be an ice-breaker, so do consider your gift items carefully before selecting them. Here, we put together some samples for your consideration:


Welcome To The Team Box

Sample curation:

- 1x Creamy Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar By Krakakoa

- 1x Butterfingers Drip Coffee Bags By Hook Coffee

- 1x Oat Cookies With Chocolate Chips By Kintry

- 1x Mini Tropical Superfood Trail Mix

Because they are new hires, it’s best to pick out practical, if a little impersonal, gift items for them. Think easy-to-brew coffee, chocolate, cookies, and nut mixes.

Welfare Pack

Sample curation:

- 1x The Honey Colony - Dessert Mallee

- 1x Vitamin C (Swisse Effervercscent, 20s) 

- 1x Purell Jelly Wrap

- 1x Purell Surface Disinfectant

Taking care of your new staffer’s welfare is always a must! We recommend going practical for this one: Sanitiser and surface disinfectant to keep their space clean, plus some much-needed Vitamin C and honey to soothe the throat in the dry office environment.


Purify: Potted Jade Plant

Did you know that the potted jade plant is a popular gift in most of Asia? With its vibrant jade-like leaves, the plant is thought to activate good financial energy. In addition, it also improves air quality while being extremely low maintenance, perfect for any office setting.

Purity: Potted Snake Plant

The snake plant, or Mother’s-In-Law Tongue (MILT) plant, is anything but vicious despite its name. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! InFengshui, it’s often associated with good luck because it releases positivechi energy. Much like the jade plant, it also improves air quality, but is even hardier — you can place them in low light conditions, and they’ll grow just fine.

Need more ideas?Reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you with our corporate catalogue, specialised curations that work with your budget and more.