November 17, 2021 2 min read

From kids to friends and family, and even your grandparents, the holidays are likely spent with a mixed bag of generations, personalities, plus interests, which can make finding the right gift an uphill challenge. You can’t pick something that’s too general — otherwise, you risk being called out as thoughtless — but if you get too niche, it’s not something that everyone might love.
As luck would have it, we have some crowd-pleasing options just for you! There are gifts that encourage family time like local card games. Alternatively, if the family shows love through food, pick from a variety of advent calendars, drinks, and spice boxes. Read more below!

1. For Kids

Can’t cook? No problem! Let your kids compete in a cook-off by recreating the most iconic hawker dishes in Singapore through this card game. We promise, it won’t ruin your relationship like Monopoly does.
What’s in the box:
1 Hawker Wars: The Card Game ($20)
1 Krakakoa Drinking Chocolate ($15)
1 Confetti Snacks Teriyaki BBQ Veggie Chips ($7.50)
1 Jewel Ornamental Sugar Sticks (Assorted flavours) ($4.5 each)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Merry Christmas Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)

2. For Young Adults

Cheers, a glass of sparkling tea is a must-try for this holidays season! We also love this affordable alternative drink. Don’t worry, it hits just the right spot, and you can toss two of these in a box without blowing a hole in your pocket.
What’s in the box:
1 Gryphon Earl Grey Sparking Tea ($5)
1 Gryphon Lychee Sparking Tea ($5)
1 Pafritas Black Winter Truffle Chips ($10)
1 Love Cocoa Advocado Dark Chocolate ($9)
1 Krakakoa Sweet & Salty Blinkies ($4)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Love, Peace, Joy Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)

3. For Colleagues

What could you possibly gift to a working adult who has it all? Why, more caffeine of course! This advent calendar is the perfect option — a surprise and treat all-in-one, for 24 days leading up to Christmas.
What’s in the box:
1 Hook Coffee Set of 2 Butterfingers Drip Coffee Bags ($6)
1 Hook Coffee Set of 2 Give Me S’more Drip Coffee Bags ($6)
1 Roji Melona 15-sachet Tea Box ($17)
1 Krakakoa Coconut & Cashews Gourmet Nibs ($10)
1 Corkcicle Tumbler ($46.90)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Happy Holiday Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)

4. For Grandparents

When shopping for your grandparents, it’s best to stay away from hard bites. Rather, healthier options for the gut works better, which is what makes this tisane from Ujong Gourmet all the more special. This caffeine-free blend is anti-oxidant rich, high in nutrients and relieves fatigue.
What’s in the box:
1 Ujong Gourmet Osmanthus & Red Date Marigold Tisane ($13)
1 Krakakoa Baguette Dark Chocolate Bark ($10)
1 Roji Momotaro Tea ($17)
1 Batu Lesung Spice Paste Gift Box ($32)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Merry Christmas Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
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