September 04, 2019 4 min read

As I write this note to celebrate Happy Bunch Singapore’s second birthday, I look back and feel tremendously proud of the happiness and smiles that we have delivered, as well as the improvements that we have made in the short span of 2 years. It felt as if these 2 years have passed by in the blink of an eye.

I have to admit that at times, we were mentally and physically exhausted. There were days when we felt like we were going to be at rock bottom forever and we would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. While life in Happy Bunch is not all rainbows & sunshine, quoting Linda – our Marketing Strategist aka Little Miss Jolly, it is definitely filled with lovely roses and amazing people.

I cannot be more grateful that I am accompanied by a happy bunch of dreamers – my Singapore core team and flower fairies – in this journey. They are those who are not afraid to dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true. We are also tremendously blessed to have great leaders like Jo & Lee Yen – our co-founders –who inspired us to dig hard in our heart to recover our WHYs and have the courage to dream bigger. Of course, our journey is also delightfully supported by our amazing partners, who not only dare to dream with us, but also make a big dream seems like an easy feat.

Most importantly, I am very thankful for all of you – happy people – who have made this journey possible. You constantly gave us honest feedback and left us heartwarming messages, which really encouraged us to push our boundaries, and made us yearn to deliver WOW experiences everyday. I cannot thank you enough.

On our second anniversary, I am thrilled and honoured to share with you some happy news that were once just our dreams.

4-hour Delivery Slot Selection

Many of you have reached out to us over the years and shared with us how you would love to be able to opt for a shorter delivery slot. Although we know that flexibility is important to you, we were not able to do it then. As much as that frustrated you, it frustrated us even more because we had to see some of you go.

We knew we wanted you to be more in control of your order, but there were many operational challenges and roadblocks in making it happen. It took us many months of hard work and perseverance to finally make it a reality. Today, I am happy to announce that you can now select a shorter delivery time slot, between 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm. With this feature, your flowers and gifts will get delivered faster, you will have more flexibility, and you will still enjoy the free delivery.

I’m excited that we are now one step closer to our core belief – making gifting simple, affordable and convenient for you. I hope you will enjoy this service upgrade and continue to spread more happiness with us.

Happy Bunch of Things

Another major thing that we had been testing since the beginning of 2019 is our Gift Box Collection.

We started working on our Gift Box Collection because we wanted to elevate your gifting experience beyond flowers. We figured that some of you wanted a little something more to go with your flowers for special occasions, while some of you might not be into flowers and prefer to go with something that you can resonate with better.

We wanted to address your gifting needs without foraying into traditional hampers. We pushed ourselves to think outside the box, and we thought that it would be cool to have a series of curated gift boxes which are filled with beautiful and practical items from our favourite brands. After many iterations, we finally set out to launch our Gift Box Collection – themed the Happy Bunch of Things.

Each gift box is thoughtfully put together and designed to delight your recipient. We also keep the gift boxes affordable, so that you can send them for any occasions like birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or #justbecausegifts.

I hope you give our gift boxes a try in the near future (you can even send it to yourself!) and I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Onwards and Upwards

I can’t say for sure where our dreams will lead us next. However, I have faith that it will be amazing because we will continue to follow what is dear to our hearts – the commitment to deliver happiness to you and your loved ones in the most simple, affordable & convenient way.

On behalf of the Happy Bunch Team, thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of your special moments, big & small, in the past 2 years.

Here’s to another year of Happy Bunch Singapore, with bigger dreams pursued and more love and happiness delivered, together.

With love,
Little Miss Buttercup / Country Manager