March 19, 2020 2 min read

Meet Radhika, founder and creative director of @left_handesign! 🌟 Left-Handesign is Singapore’s 1st plantable and sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand that aims to encourage eco-friendly gifting. This way, we can spread happiness and love to our friends and family, while keeping our environment in mind at the same time! 🌎

Radhika wants to make a difference through sustainable gifting, however it wasn’t always easy. Despite that, her passion to make a difference in the world, however small, propelled her to believe and find strength in her vision. She has since grown Left-Handesign into a brand many love and adore!

For this feature, we have talked to Radhika more about her plantable pen series. Radhika shares that with a plantable pen, you can ‘Write n Grow’ instead of ‘Use n Throw’. This way, rather than producing more waste and filling up our landfills, we can give back what we’ve used to nature!

🌱 So how do you plant the plantable pen? 🤔 Remove the ink refill once done, and plant the pen in soil. Add a little water everyday and make sure there is enough sunlight. The pen is completely biodegradable, and will sprout in 15 days. Give it more time and loving, and ta-dah! You can wake up every morning and enjoy the heart shaped leaves from the morning glory plant! 💚

Thank you Radhika for going beyond the norm, and endorsing eco-friendly gift alternatives through @left_handesign. We all have the responsibility to take care of the earth we’re living in to sustain a better future for everyone! 🌎💚

Find @left_handesign’s plantable BĪJ Pen and Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup in our Hustle Box! 😉

In line with our theme this month—Bold & Beautiful, we will be honouring one Gift Box partner each week by talking about the bold & beautiful work they do! ✨ Keep a look out next week for our last feature! ❤️

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