March 24, 2018 2 min read

This month, we’re collaborating with 5 brand partners to celebrate International Women’s Day. This week, we will share a little story of Amy, Chief Executive Grazer of Amazin’ Graze. To celebrate, we will be selecting 3 winners each week to receive a Happy Bunch and an 8 pack Variety Box from Amazin’ Graze.

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#happywomen: Amy, Chief Executive Grazer of Amazin’ Graze

If you’re a health food junkie, chances are you’ve probably heard of Amazin’ Graze. Amazin’ Graze is an innovative food startup making delicious healthy snacks everyday from the best ingredients that nature has to offer so as to keep up with the demands of urbanites today.

Amy admitted – despite the great progress that our society has made in achieving gender equality, we still have a long way to go. “My co-founders and I were told that we could be taken less seriously by business people and other industry people because we were an all-women team, working in the health food industry.” Besides empowering people to snack healthily, Amy also believes in creating a level playing field for everyone in Amazin’ Graze, regardless of male or female.

More than ever, Amy is motivated to run Amazin’ Graze business with passion, integrity and excellence, continuing the good work that has been done and laying the path for women in the future to make impact across all industries and areas of life.

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