July 06, 2021 4 min read

#HBFamily Chats: Being a Marketing Lead at Happy Bunch

Do you wonder what a day at Happy Bunch Singapore is like? Today, we sit down with Eunice, our Marketing Lead to learn more about her, and her journey with Happy Bunch so far!


How long have you been working with Happy Bunch?

I’ve been with Happy Bunch on and off since the end of 2018, so that’s roughly 2 – 3 years! My journey with Happy Bunch has been a pretty unique one, as I’ve gone through multiple roles throughout my time here. From part-timing during my university days as a Flower Fairy, to Marketing Intern, to Marketing Associate, and now Marketing Lead!


What is your role in our #HBFamily?

I keep watch over all of our marketing channels and communications, and work closely with the marketing team to produce value-added content for our audiences to enjoy. That includes all of the content featured on our website, blog, social media, weekly newsletters, and more. On top of that, I work with the rest of the #HBFamily team to create and bring in interesting products for our customers’ gifting needs.


What do you like about your working experience with Happy Bunch so far?

I like that we keep things very transparent here, whether things are going good or going bad. We keep our communications open and honest, and it’s the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page and is included in the process. I also like that I get exposed to different aspects of the business beyond my marketing scope—in the last year, I’ve learnt so much about customer experience, business development, partnerships, and much more.


Tell us about one memorable moment you experienced at Happy Bunch.

There are too many to narrow down, but one memorable moment that stuck out to me is seeing Happy Bunch featured on The Straits Times for Build A Box! It was very exciting to be part of the interview and photoshoot process, and seeing our product featured in the newspaper felt surreal. This happened around the end of 2020 (where it was a year full of ups-and-downs with Covid-19), and this feature felt like an indication that we were on the right track amongst all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic—which is why it was extra memorable for me.


What is one thing you learnt that really stuck with you throughout your experience with us so far?

I’ve learnt to stay open to change. Due to the pandemic, 2020 was full of uncertainties, and I found it is important to stay flexible in order to keep things going. This means embracing the changing circumstances, and adapting to any obstacle we may face along the way. Whether it is to drastically change a product to manage logistical issues, or tweaking our announcements and plans last minute due to a shift in operational plans.



If you were to describe your experience with us in 3 words, what would it be?

Exciting, Challenging, Heartwarming.

I love flowers and gifting in general (I love surprising my close ones with gifts!), which is why it is always exciting for me to introduce new flowers or new gifting brands into our range, and to learn more about them and share it with everyone.

I say ‘challenging’, and that isn’t always a bad thing! We are always encouraged to explore new directions and push boundaries—which is a challenge for me, but a good one as it keeps me on my toes and nudges me to do better.

I find working at Happy Bunch heartwarming because at the end of the day, our work goes into helping others make their loved ones’ day, and I feel incredibly lucky to be part of that process and to witness these special moments being made.


If you had to recommend one flower bunch or gift item to others, what would it be?

I would recommend Krakakoa chocolates! Not only do they taste really good, they are also ethically sourced as well. The cacao beans used for the chocolate bars are organically-grown and sourced from small farms in Indonesia that practice sustainable farming methods, and the partner farmers are also paid more than the Fairtrade Minimum price for their harvest.

It’ll make a meaningful gift for any of your loved ones who love chocolates! And if I had to choose, my top two flavours are Sea Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate and Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar.


What is one thing you’re excited for in the future, whether at work or in your personal life?

I’m excited for our #HBFamily to expand (we’re currently hiring! ;)), so that I can meet other like minded individuals and do great work together!


What is one piece of advice you have for others who are pursuing their careers, whether at Happy Bunch or elsewhere?

One piece of advice I have for others is to stay curious, and to ask questions (whether by researching online yourself, or asking your colleagues/peers). This way you’re constantly learning! When I’m given a task, I always try to understand the reasons and objectives as to why I’m doing something, this way I have a better understanding of what part my work plays in the overall picture. It also gives me clarity on how to better approach the task as a whole.


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