April 02, 2018 2 min read

On Friday 16 March 2018, our Co-Founder & COO,Beh Lee Yen, and Founder & CEO ofCarpal,Maarten Hemmes, sat on a panel discussion atLast Mile Fulfilment Asia 2018 to discuss about rising consumer expectations and how on-demand delivery providers such as Carpal allow Happy Bunch to deliver flowers and happiness affordably and offer the best customer experience in Singapore.

Increasing visibility and transparency in delivery status was one area that was highlighted during the 30 minute discussion. In the context of Happy Bunch’s delivery business, flower delivery is about delivering happiness and important messages to recipients. It is a highly emotional process for customers who order flowers and anxiously wait for the delivery to be completed. Delivery status update is crucial feature for customers even up till today – which naturally means that the Happy Bunch team has a greater need for delivery status transparency to offer timely updates to customers to amplify customer service. The panel also talked about how system integration is the solution to allow real-time delivery status updates and optimize operations. The ultimate goal is to offer assurance to customers who look forward to having the gorgeous flowers reach their beloved ones in a timely manner.

Other than visibility, another key factor highlighted in the discussion was having a smart routing algorithm in place. This is to allow an optimized delivery route to ensure delivery is completed fast. Happy Bunch adopts a multiple drop-off model where each freelance driver is accountable for 3 to 5 deliveries daily. A smart routing system will allow these drivers to complete the deliveries faster by following an optimized delivery route. This means that Happy Bunch customers are able to receive their flowers not only faster, but also in a fresher condition, and ultimately reduce the anxiety of waiting for updates.

We took away various learning points from this discussion. There are things that definitely have to be worked on. Happy Bunch and Carpal are fully committed to improve the delivery operations through smart technology, and continue to make improvements to deliver a delightful customer experience in the Singapore market. All to achieve our mission of delivering flowers and happiness in a simple, affordable and convenient way in this little red dot.