November 19, 2020 3 min read

Staycation Gift Guide 2020 – 2021

Staycations are the new go-to idea for anniversary, birthday, and Christmas celebrations. Perhaps you’re satisfying your yearly travel itch especially now that holiday travels are halted, or you want to show your support for businesses you love in the hospitality industry, after having to go through this challenging year. Either way, with the recent issuing of SingapoRediscovers vouchers, it’s definitely time to start planning your SG holidays! 😉 

While you lay out your plans to rediscover Singapore, and enjoy all the facilities our local hotels have to offer, amp up your staycation experience and make it extra special with these matching staycation gift ideas! If you’re surprising your girlfriend, boyfriend, bestie, or parents with a staycation celebration in Singapore, these gift ideas will make great presents to match the occasion.

Customise your very own gift box and fill it with a bunch of these staycation essentials, it’ll make the ultimate staycation surprise!

1. Bath Soaks


The must-have for every staycation, especially if your hotel room has a bathtub! Opt for this fresh, citrusy body oil that is all-natural, and enriched with the pure essential oils of Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Ginger. This blend is perfect to combat sluggishness and poor circulation! Made by To Be Calm, this body oil can be used for massages, or added to your tub for a soothing bath soak just before bedtime.

Massage & Body Oil by To Be Calm is available in two flavours from $32, via customised gift box.

2. Bottled Cocktails

Any occasion or holiday calls for a celebratory drink! These bottled cocktails are crafted by Drink Easy, where you can choose between a gin or whisky cocktail (or both—we won’t tell ;)). The bottled cocktails are crafted by Boo Jing Heng, Diageo World Class Singapore Winner in 2016. Plus, we tried the cocktails out ourselves and can vouch for how yummy (and potent) they are 😉

Bottled cocktails by Drink Easy are available at $16 per 150ml bottle, via customised gift box.

3. Soothing Clay Masks

Take relaxation to the next level with soothing clay face masks. Especially useful for mask-ne season! While on a staycation, you should give yourself not just a mental, but a facial detox as well 😉 Choose between two clay masks by Oasis:—a Baby Soft Clay Mask that is more gentle and is blended with hand-harvested organic rose petals, or a Detox Clay Mask that contains charcoal. If you want some extra credit, add a matching mask brush ($8) so that applying the clay mask becomes a breeze!

Clay Masks by Oasis: are available at $25, via customised gift box.

4. Pampering Body Scrubs

A body scrub can be much needed after a good swim at the pool, or simply to unwind for the day. It’ll be a thoughtful gift if your staycation is meant to be a pampering retreat for you and your partner, or with your galpals! Choose from a range of body scrub flavours by Handmade Heroes—Nourishing Rose Petal, Coffee, Himalayan Salt, or opt for the Candy Cane body scrub for a more festive twist. It will leave you feeling smooth and cheery this holiday season for sure.

Body Scrubs by Handmade Heroes are available from $21.90, via customised gift box.

5. Celebratory Popcorn

There’s nothing like yummy munchies to set the holiday mood! Especially flavoured popcorn that’ll scream ‘It’s the holidays!’ Choose between White Truffle and Toffee mini popcorn by Popcorn Shed. Different flavours that are equally delicious and loved. If you are planning to spend your staycation in bed with the TV on, these popcorn will make great company.

Mini Popcorns by Popcorn Shed are available at $6, via customised gift box.

6. Beautiful Blooms

Imagine waking up to the sight of beautiful blooms! Flowers have to power to make anyone’s day better, and make great surprises or celebration gifts. If you want to order a bouquet of staycation flowers, browse here. Our flowers start from $29, with free same-day delivery.

Ready to create your staycation surprise gift?

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Have fun creating your ultimate staycation surprise, and we hope you enjoy your 2020 holiday getaway!