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Brand Highlights: Local, Women-led, Vegan, Sustainable, Handmade

Oasis:skin is a Singaporean Beauty Brand that creates vegan products right from their Beauty Kitchen store. All of their products are made with carefully sourced plant-based ingredients: cold-pressed plant oils and butters, premium clay, organic & wild-harvested essential oils and herbs. They make products that are kind to your skin and the environment.

They also adopt a packaging policy that is part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative. This means only using what is absolutely necessary to protect the integrity of the product, and adopting a circular packaging system—using recycled packaging and materials to deliver their products.

Their Products

Purifying Hand Sanitiser

Antibacterial hand gel that contains moisturising organic aloe vera and a refreshing blend of essential oils to protect hands from drying out. Made from a plant-based alcohol, free of phthlates and glycols. Bottle is 40ml.

Natural Mozzie Repellent Spray

Repel mosquitoes with this refreshing and toxic-free mozzie repellent spray! Formulated with organic essential oils and 100% plant-based ingredients (40ml).

Vanilla Lip Butter

Yummy vegan lip balm, made from pure and organic plant butters and oils. This balm works instantly to leave lips velvety soft and moisturised, and can also be used on the body.

Turmeric Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoo with organic turmeric, tea tree and moroccan lava clay to combat scalp itching, hair loss and dandruff. Suitable for dyed hair. Lasts 30-50 washes.

Blue Pea Lemongrass Solid Shampoo

Blue pea-tinted solid shampoo with lemongrass and amla to strengthen hair, regulate sebum production and prevent premature ageing. Suitable for natural and dyed hair. Lasts 30-50 washes.

Rose Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoo with organic rosemary, hand harvested rose petals, and other nourishing ingredients to rejuvenate dry & damaged hair. It also contains the soft floral scent of geranium and lavandin essential oils! Lasts 30-50 washes.

Roasted Soy Solid Conditioner

Prevent hair breakage with this silicone-free solid conditioner! Contains a blend of Japanese roasted soybean, organic arrowroot powder, and nourishing cocoa butter for deep conditioning.

Blue Pea Lemongrass Solid Conditioner

Enriched with organic coconut milk and cocoa butter, this nourishing hair conditioner leaves your hair silky and soft after use!

Lavender Solid Conditioner

Banish bad hair days with this silicone-free solid conditioner! Contains organic oat, coconut milk, and French lavender oil. It is loaded with moisturising plant-based ingredients to soften and detangle hair!

Broccoli Solid Conditioner

This nourishing hair conditioner promotes shine, prevents hair frizz, and is paired with organic pink grapefruit and mint to give a zesty finish. This is especially useful for those with curly hair!

Chocolate Mint Solid Shampoo

Experience decadence in the shower with this solid shampoo. Made with pure cocoa powder and cocoa butter, immerse yourself in chocolate mixed with fresh bursts of menthol mint.

Candy Soap Gift Set

Candy bars or soap? It sure is hard to tell when they look this cute! Includes 4 mini soap bars in White Tea & Yuzu, Rose, Lavender, and Aqua Mandarin. Candy soaps will come packaged in an OASIS cotton produce bag. Decor in the image not included.

Baby Soft Clay Mask

A gentle clay mask blended with hand harvested organic rose petals to gently draw out dirt from your pores and smoothen sensitive skin types. Great for maintaining clear and supple skin! Jar is 50g.

Detox Clay Mask

This charcoal clay mask is a dirt-magnet, ideal for deep cleansing oily and blemish-prone skin. It helps to dry out pimples, regulate sebum production and leave pores looking visibly smoother. Jar is 50g.

Pink Mask Brush

A double sided mask brush with a spoon on one end, and a flexible silicone brush head on the other. This also doubles as a make up brush that can be used to apply cream foundation and more!

Mint Green Mask Brush

A double sided mask brush with a spoon on one end, and a flexible silicone brush head on the other. This also doubles as a make up brush that can be used to apply cream foundation and more!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Hand-carved from Brazilian rose quartz, this facial roller can be used to build younger, firmer, stronger skin. Each piece is unique and may vary in size & colour. Specks in the stone is natural.



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