April 29, 2021 2 min read

Honey For Life

Brand Highlights: Australian, Sustainable

Honey For Life is committed to making honey that is raw, organic and served in its purest form, with as little human interaction as possible. The way nature intended. With some of the most beautiful and untouched forests in the world in Western Australia, they count themselves lucky to have the opportunity to create some of Australia’s most sought-after honey!

Honey For Life also emphasises on sustainable production, and have planted approximately 1,010,000 trees within Western Australia’s South West to form a future bee-friendly forest, with the majority of these trees being native and endemic to Western Australia. By significantly boosting the beehive population on these plantations at various times of the year, they are creating a net positive pollinator effect on all the surrounding natural flora in the local area.

To offer products from Honey For Life, we work with The Honey Colony, a small family run business based in Singapore that brings honey lovers some of the best quality honey from Australia!

Western Australian Wildflower Honey

This light amber honey has all the sweet aroma and taste of a million flowers, Spring sunshine and the change in season! A kaleidoscope of floral flavours forged in sun-dappled wildflower meadows just outside of the coastal town of Green Head, Western Australia. Jar is 260g.

Gift Box Add On Honey For Life Western Australian Desert Mallee Honey

Western Australian Desert Mallee Honey

This honey, in taste and colour, embodies the harsh extremes of the desert environment it’s collected from. Droughts, fires and hot summer days are what these Desert Mallee trees survive to still be able to produce the sweet nectar our bees collect. A great tasting honey with strong intensive flavours and a lot of history! Jar is 260g.

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