April 29, 2021 1 min read

Honey In The Garden

Brand Highlights: Australian, Sustainable

Honey In The Garden was started in 2016 by passionate beekeepers in Parkerville, Western Australia, to produce premium WA honey products, in its purest form. Their raw honey is produced in the hills outside of Perth, Western Australia, surrounded by pristine native woodlands.

Their beekeepers share fundamental values around sustainable farming, organic living and the preservation of bees to support the ecosystem. Collectively, they adopt responsible beekeeping practices to ensure their bees are healthy and productive.​

To offer products from Honey In The Garden, we work with The Honey Colony, a small family run business based in Singapore that brings honey lovers some of the best quality honey from Australia!

Happy Bunch Singapore - Build A Box Gift - The Honey Colony - Powderbank

Powderbark Honey

Powderbark honey from Western Australia that boasts a lovely buttery-smooth texture as well as a mild hint of toffee and candy floss undertones. A great honey option for everyone’s palate! Jar is 300g.

Creamed York Gum Honey

York Gum honey that has been slowly whipped to control crystallisation, resulting in a thick creamy texture. It has a pale, buttery colour with a sweeter taste, making it a perfect natural replacement for sugar. 100% raw honey from Australian native wildflowers. Jar is 300g.

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