June 26, 2020 1 min read

The Apothecary

Brand Highlights: Handmade in Malaysia

The Apothecary creates a wide range of solid colognes, with assorted blends of premium ingredients such as herbs, spices, beans and plant extracts. All handcrafted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Browse below for the range of solid colognes we have under Build-A-Box.

Their Products

Cornerstone Solid Cologne

Sandalwood with a hint of vanilla, this scent is warmly balanced with paprika and nutmeg. For lovers of fresh spices with woody tones.

Omni Solid Cologne

Velvety juniper and blackcurrant, with a mid tone of leather and rose, anchored with wood, tobacco and vetiver. For lovers of pepper, berries, and leathery wood.

Khan Solid Cologne

Cinnamon and mahogany, accompanied by fresh pine and orange. A bold blend of spices that is balanced with citrus notes. For those who like old spicy colognes.

Colossus Solid Cologne

Blended citruses and spices, with earthy notes of amber and musk. Alongside aromatic nutmeg grounded with strong woody notes. For lovers of fresh citrus with an earthy bottom.

Admiral Solid Cologne

Fresh and oceanic with magnolia, dill, pepper and rich grey musk. A crisp scent of freshly cut grass, rounded off with a musky undertone. For lovers of a fresh green scent with musk.

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