June 17, 2022 2 min read

During the pandemic, many activities had to be phased out due to the strict limitations placed. Now that things are getting better, we’re sure everyone’s itching to meet their friends or reintroduce ice-breakers!

From simple movie nights and parties to team picnics and competitive bonding exercises, we have just the wine and beer hampers to make your get-togethers a success. Most importantly, it’s convenient for you — simply place your order, and we’ll handle the rest.

Beer Hamper: Beer Happy Box

What’s In The Box:

- 10 x Love Wild IPA By Brewlander

- 10 x Hearty & Healthy Snack Trio By Boxgreen

- 10 x Teriyaki BBQ Veggie Chips By Confetti Snacks

Craft beer made locally, the perfect thirst quencher for long days out in the sun or ice breaker before starting a movie marathon. We’ve paired it up with snacks and yummy fruit chips for when your team needs refueling or when your friends and family are feeling peckish. Available with free same-day delivery.

Picnic Hamper: Spring Party Box

What’s In The Box:

- 10 x Oat Latte/Oat Matcha Latte/Oat Mocha By Minor Figures

- 10 x Summer Truffle By Confetti Snacks

- 10 x Blueberry Lavender & Oats & Sea Salt Chocolate By Fossa Chocolate

- 10 x Mini Miso Seaweed & Mini Coconut Curry Nut Mixes By Amazin' Graze

When was the last time you had a team brunch? Rather than heading to a café, why not reintroduce with with a grand splash with a picnic. Oat milk lattes and mochas meet artisanal chocolate, veggie chips and nut mixes with a view. Now that sounds like the ideal lunch hour. Available with free same-day delivery.