June 17, 2022 2 min read

Your friend is starting a new business venture, while your long-standing client is expanding theirs and branching out into other industries. What could you gift in such a situation? Flowers are a great go-to for both of them, but what if you wanted something more?

To celebrate such a special and momentous occasion, personalise your gifts with the help of Happy Bunch. Not only can you curate gift boxes to suit any event, but also customise the gift items for a genuine touch. Read on for more inspirational takes!


New Business Opening

Sample curation:

- 3 x Pinot Grigio By Pigro

- 10 x Sweet & Salty Blinkies By Krakakoa

- 10 x Black Truffle Mushroom Chips By Confetti Snacks

A new business venture calls for toasts to be shared between employees and bosses. This golden-yellow wine from Italy boasts a rich, warm, and inviting aroma of ripe fruits and honey. Enjoyable and bright. Pair it off with some truffle chips, plus sweet and salty bites, and it’s good to go for any parties or celebrations!

Recommended box: The Hamper Box


New Job

Sample curation:

- 1x White Sparkling Wine By The Uncommon

- 1x Oat Cookies With Chocolate Chips By Kintry

- 1x Earl Grey Milk Chocolate By Love Cocoa

- 1x Earl Grey Tea Sachets By Roji Cha

First, a bubbly because your friend’s efforts have clearly paid off! Second, include sweets and a dash of caffeine for when the grind kicks in. Cookies, chocolates, and tea are great yet practical pick-me-ups that everyone should have in their own pantry stash.

Recommended box: The Luxe Box

Company Expansion

Sample curation:

- 10x Respect Porter By Brewlander

- 10x Summer Truffle Veggie Chips By Confetti Snacks

- 10x Dark Chocolate Ancient Grain Clusters By Zenko

Expanding the team means new hires! And the best way to congratulate your clients is to gift an ice-breaker box filled with a bit of alcohol and light bites that complement. Remember to toss in some thoughtful flowers to complete your well-wishes.

Recommended box: The Hamper Box


Client Appreciation

Sample curation: 

- 1x Chamomile Dream With Apple Sparkling Tea By Gryphon Tea

- 1x Almond Cookies By Mdm Ling Bakery

- 1x Baguette Dark Chocolate Bark

Perhaps your contact has helped you clinch a deal, or they’ve reached an anniversary in their company. Whatever the case is, they deserve your appreciation too — after all, you couldn’t have gotten where you are without their assistance. Though snacks are practical, we also recommend customising keepsakes,which you can do here.

Recommended box: The Signature Box

Need more ideas? Reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you with our corporate catalogue, specialised curations that work with your budget and more.