June 06, 2022 2 min read

Graduation Gifts

When thinking about a gift for graduates, the ever-popular stuffed bear and broccoli bouquet always takes the spotlight. However, they aren’t practical ideas that will make life easier to navigate post-grad. Here, we put together a list of gift ideas that are incredibly useful.


1. Laptop Stand By MOFT


The must-have essential. Whether they’re working from home or on-the-go, this laptop stand turns every surface into a viable, stable work space. It’s thin, weightless, reusable, and features a residue-free adhesive, so graduating students turned into diligent workers can just plop and work wherever, whenever. 


2. Erasable Smart Notebook By Rocketbook


To-dos, important work notes, and meeting minutes can be simplified down with a list, but single-use notebooks are not very eco-friendly. With this erasable one, fresh grads can now wipe down to reuse. Plus, it’s also connected to the cloud, so if they ever need to retrieve specific details, they’re able to pull it up.


3. Recycled Paper Seed Pens By Purple & Pure


Breathe new life into writing pens! Rather than dumping single-use ones after the ink dries up, try these sustainable ones instead. Made from recycled paper, these pens bloom into something beautiful after.


4. Carter Move Mug By Fellow


The minimalist coffee mug that amplifies the coffee drinking experience — now that’s something all the Gen-Z’ers to millennials will appreciate. This mug isn’t just cup holder-friendly, but equipped with a snap-in splash guard to save your brew from bumps and sudden stops, so even if they’re chugging things down on the move, their electronics are still safe.


5. Dark Chocolate Ancient Grain Clusters By Zenko Superfoods


Popped jowar, an ancient healthy grain, is drizzled in dark chocolate (another superfood!) to give hard-at-work graduates a much-needed energy boost. A great pick-me-up that’s healthy yet delish.


Need more graduation gift ideas? Tell us all your requirements here, and we’ll try to work something out for you. Plus, enjoy a bulk discount for orders above $1,500!