November 03, 2021 3 min read

If you’ve spent time shopping with them, you’ll start to realise that men… simply don’t have the patience for it. While you’re browsing racks upon racks, they’ll be sitting off to the side and waiting for you to finish. So then, that begs the question: What do you gift to men who seem like they don’t want anything at all?
Rather than playing it safe with socks, or tee, we have some gifting ideas that will cater to different personalities! Just sit back, and watch as their faces light up with joy! Best of all, you finally get to convey your thanks, love and appreciation.

1. An Alcohol Box They Can Share With The Boys

What’s in the box:
1 Brass Lion Distillery Singapore Dry Gin ($98)
1 Drink Easy No. 1 Bottled Cocktail ($16)
1 Drink Easy No. 2 Bottled Cocktail ($16)
2 Brewlander Respect Porter ($7 each)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Happy Holiday Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
This one is for the alcohol enthusiast on your gifting list! Let him crack open a cold one with his friends when they’re over — drinking is a social experience, after all. If he prefers lighter notes in his drinks, feel free to customise your own box to cater to his palate.

2. A Coffee Box To Kick-start His Day

What’s in the box:
Hook Coffee 24 Coffees To Christmas Advent Calendar ($49)
It’s hard to get going in the morning, which is why an advent calendar filled with coffee bags is perfect: It gives him the kick he needes, it’s nifty, and easy to prepare. What’s more, there’s one baggie for every day of the month.

3. A Fire Box For The Chef At Heart

What’s in the box:
1 Honey For Life Western Australian Wildflower Honey ($15)
1 Pigro Chianti Classico ($48)
1 Batu Lesung Roasted Belachan Sambal ($10)
1 Krakakoa 70% Dark Chocolate Nibs ($10)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Happy Holiday Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
Honestly, who said men don’t belong in the kitchen? Support their interests and pack the box with the classic essentials: Honey, wine, and a spice set. And hey, if he’s just starting out, a recipe book is sure to help!

4. A Self-Care Box For The Fit Guy

What’s in the box:
1 Oasis:skin Natural Mozzie Repellent Spray ($9.90)
1 Amazin Graze Nutty Protein Trail Mix ($5.50)
1 Boxgreen Hearty & Healthy Trio ($8)
1 To Be Calm Pre & Post Work Out Massage & Body Oil ($35)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Love, Peace, Joy Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
While this box looks like a jumble of items, we promise it makes absolute sense to a trekker! First, we have the mozzie spray to keep the pests at bay while he’s out and about. Second, there’re healthy and convenient snacks to refuel with. Third, the massage and body oil keeps his muscles warm and relaxed after a strenuous hike.

5. An Annual Box With His Returning Faves + New Must-Tries

What’s in the box:
1 Love Cocoa White Vanilla Drinking Chocolate ($21)
1 T2 Mulled Wine Magic Loose Tea ($23)
1 Kittea Hope Lavender Chamomile Tea ($9)
1 Fossa Chocolate Spiced Tomato ($12)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Merry Christmas Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
Here’s a gift he’ll definitely have use for! He’ll love diving into this snack box for treats when he’s in the middle of a gaming session or in need of a pick-me-up.
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