November 03, 2021 3 min read

Ho, ho, ho, you thought shopping for one person was challenging? Try picking out Christmas gifts for your gal pals or partners AND still sleigh it — now that’s a real uphill battle!
Because we’re all for making Christmas time feel extra special and tree-mendous, we’ve put together a gift guide to help you in your quest to come up with a personalised present for every single one of ‘em; it’s all original, no cliches. ‘Sides, it’s better for you to start prepping early, rather than face delivery delays, and upset the ladies in your life.

1. A Chocolate Box That’ll Satisfy Her Sweet Tooth

What’s in the box:
1 Fossa Spiced Tomato Chocolate ($12)
1 Love Cocoa Drinking Chocolate (Spiced Orange) ($19)
1 Krakakoa Mik Chocolate & Sourdough Bark ($9)
1 Love Cocoa Strawberry Champagne Chocolate ($9)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Merry Christmas Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
Satisfy her cravings for all things sweet with a box filled with chocolate delights! Contains an exotic seasalt choco bar, a spiced orange hot choco for rainy days, and a delish choco bark to sink your teeth into, we’ve truly covered all the bases for the choco connoisseur.

2. A Tea Box To Re-energise Her

What’s in the box:
1 Kittea Christmas Series (Joy) ($9)
1 Gryphon Lychee Sparking Tea ($5)
1 Roji Momotaro 15-sachet Tea Box ($17)
1 Jewel Rock Sugar Ornamental Stick ($4.5)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Love, Peace, Joy Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
The festivi-teas are not complete without a cuppa, especially for a tea lover. Whether she’s on the go or spending a day in, there’s an option to keep her joyfully caffeinated. And, if she ever finds that she needs a pick-me-up, there’s a sugar stick to keep the blues and cold, rainy days at bay!

3. A Pamper Box For The Festive Season

What’s in the box:
1 Handmade Heroes Candy Cane Body Scrub ($23.90)
1 Oasis:skin Baby Soft Clay Mask ($25)
1 Oasis:skin Rose Quartz Facial Roller ($40)
1 Batik Boutique Pink Shibori Eye Mask ($25)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Merry & Bright Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
The best way to take advantage of the long holidays? Non-stop self-care sessions. This box is packed with all the things she could want for, and more. Alternatively, if you know her skin type, you could pick from a range of skincare products and curate a box for her yourself. Since it’s Xmas, there’s also no time like the present (get it?) for a banger gift, so complement with fresh flowers or candles too!

4. A Wine Box To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

What’s in the box:
2 The Uncommon Sparkling Wine White ($15 each)
1 Pigro Pinot Grigio ($38)
1 Love Cocoa Strawberry Champagne Chocolate Bar ($9)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Happy Holidays Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
No Christmas celebration is ever complete without knocking back a glass. This box set features two small cans of bubbly, a delightful bottle of fruity wine from Trentino, Italy, plus a choco bar with notes of Marc de Champagne. And hey, if your giftee much prefers craft beers, you’re free to mix and match to create the dream booze box!

5. An Annual Box With Her Returning Faves + New Must-Tries

What’s in the box:
1 Krakakoa Mocha Drinking Chocolate ($15)
1 T2 Bread & Butter Pudding Loose Tea ($23)
1 Kittea Love Fruit Orchard Black Tea ($9)
1 Hip Chocolate Cookie No Cream Oat Milk Chocolate ($7)
1 Festive Box ($20)
1 Happy Holiday Card ($5, complimentary for orders placed before 30 Nov)
It’s easy to hit it out of the ballpark when you fall back on her favourites. However, in the spirit of giving, and trying all things new, we recommend mixing it up a lil’. On top of filling out your box with her returning annual favourites, branch out and include a bunch of new seasonal offerings. Who knows, she just might find a new essential!
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