November 24, 2021 3 min read

Though Christmas falls on the same day without fail, it still seemingly manages to appear out of the blue, and at record speed as well. If you’ve placed Christmas shopping on the backburner, it’s time to knock out the extensive list of colleagues that you still haven’t gotten presents for.
Though it might be last-minute, gift cards and vouchers are always a last resort. Rather, why not get them gift boxes to show that you put extra thought into Christmas? We promise, it’s all pre-curated, you wouldn’t even have to lift a single finger, and it’ll get delivered to their doorsteps in time!

#1 Merry Choc-mas Box
Indulgence Series

What’s in the box:
1 Fossa Chocolate Spiced Tomato
1 Love Cocoa Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate
1 Krakakoa Dark Milk Baguette Chocolate Bark
1 Festive Box
Whether it’s candy or bubble tea, we know you have a co-worker with a sweet-tooth, and they’re sure to enjoy this mixed box of delights. It has all you need — the seasonal hot chocolate, a uniquely-flavoured chocolate treat, and something with a bit of crunch.

#2 Festivi-tea Box
Indulgence Series

What’s in the box:
1 Honey For Life Western Australian Wildflower Honey
1 Roji Melona 15-Sachet Tea Box
1 Festive Box
Who doesn’t love caffeine? This one’s for the co-worker who always drinks tea over coffee though. The gentle sweetness of melon tea paired with soothing honey makes for the ultimate thirst quencher. It truly doesn’t get any better (and healthier) than this!

#3 What A Treat Box (Halal-certified)
Indulgence Series

What’s in the box:
1 Krakakoa Mocha Drinking Chocolate
1 Krakakoa Cinnamon Dark Milk Chocolate
1 Krakakoa Sourdough Chocolate Bark
1 Krakakoa Coconut & Cashew Gourmet Nibs
1 Gryphon Tea Osmanthus & Passionfruit Sparkling Tea
1 The Golden Duck Salted Egg Potato Ridges
1 Amazin’ Graze Pandan Coconut Nut Mix
1 Festive Box
Of course, we have a box filled with Halal options too, and it’s filled with all the Christmas must-haves. Think hot chocolate and indulgent snacks, complemented by a sparkling sweet tea. Remember to pace yourself!

#4 All I Want For Xmas Box
Indulgence Series

What’s in the box:
1 Brewlander Love Wild IPA
1 Love Cocoa Strawberry Champagne Chocolate
1 HiP Chocolate Salted Caramel Oat Milk Chocolate
1 The Uncommon Sparkling Wine Rose
1 Pafritas Black Winter Truffle Potato Chips
1 Krakakoa Sweet & Salty Blinkies
1 Krakakoa Foccacia Chocolate Bark
1 Festive Box
Get into the Christmas spirit with… you guessed it, spirits! ‘Tis truly the season to be tipsy, that’s why we’ve packed this box to the brim with gin-gle juice (get it?). There are some light bites too, in case you get the munchies while you’re saying hoppy holidays.

#5 Oasis Of Wellness Box
Luxe Series

What’s in the box:
1 Honey For Life Marri TA35 Honey
1 T2 Bread and Butter Pudding Tea
1 To be Calm Balsam & Pine Candle
1 Handmade Heroes Coffee Body Scrub
1 Festive Box
Wellness has been at the forefront of our minds, especially since COVID-19. This is more than just a gift box, it’s a care package filled with essentials: Tea and honey for the throat, a candle to calm the mind, and a rejuvenating body scrub. Remember, your employees deserve to be taken care of too.

#6 A Wine-derful Xmas Box
Luxe Series

What’s in the box:
1 Pigrio Chianti Classico
1 Krakakao 70% Dark Chocolate Gourmet Nibs
1 Love Cocoa Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
1 Ujong Gourmet Osmanthus & Red Date Marigold Tisane
1 To Be Calm Energise Massage Oil
1 Batik Boutique Black Fern Eye Mask
1 Festive Box
A bottle of wine is a welcome gift that’s always eagerly received, which is why we’ve made it the star of this box. If drink night ever gets too intense, we’ve thrown in some hot chocolate, nibbles, a healthy tisane, massage oil, and an eye mask to help with the hangover. At least you know your employees will recover in time after the holidays end 😉
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