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Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Gift items to consider for the perfect Father’s Day 2021 gift box—from snacks, to tumblers, to bottled cocktails, and more.

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, 20 June. Do you have your Father’s Day gifts for him sorted yet? You may still be cracking your head over what gift to get your dearest dad, husband, or grandfather. Maybe you’re celebrating a close friend who just became a first-time dad, or you would like to show your appreciation to a mentor at work who is like a father-figure to you—either way, we have the perfect last-minuteFather’s Day gifts for all the dads in your life covered! Get ready as we list our top picks for fun, practical, yummy, and pampering Father’s Day gifts for dads in Singapore.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 1: For the WFH Dad Packed with Meetings!

Happy Bunch Singapore Gift Box Add On Owala Smooshed Blueberry Stainless Steel Bottle

For the working dads who are always going from meetings to meetings, vacuum insulated bottles will be a great practical item to include in your Father’s Day gift box this year! Having a bottle of his perfectly tempered drink of choice by his side while working can do wonders, and ensures he is kept satisfied throughout long meetings!

Corkcicle’s canteen will keep his coffee or tea hot for 12 hours, or if he is a cold water or tea drinker—his drinks cool for 25 hours. In a handy 9oz size, the canteen will be perfect for working dads who are constantly on-the-go.

Owala’s Stainless steel bottle is a great option as well for cold drinkers! Their leak proof, triple-layered, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle can keep drinks cold 24 hours long. Storing 19oz, it can last working dads through long meetings and long drives outdoors!

Canteens by Corkcicle are available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $38.90 with free delivery.

Stainless Steel Bottles by Owala are available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $39.50 with free delivery.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 2: For the Dad Who Loves Cafe-Hopping (But Can’t Right Now)

We all know that one person who loves hopping between cafes on the weekends, starting the day off with a cuppa, and soaking in the aroma of some excellent coffee. If your recipient in mind is someone who fits this description, we have the perfect Father’s Day gift idea just for him.

For the cafe lover who can’t go out on his weekend adventures right now, add some delicious drip coffee bags byHook Coffee into your gift box. Choose from a wide range of flavours, and bring the cafe right to his doorstep. This way, he’ll be able to enjoy the great taste and aroma of coffee from the comfort of his own home on Father’s Day.

Drip Coffee Bags by Hook Coffee are available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $6 for a set of 2, with free delivery.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 3: For the Health-Concious Dad Who Loves Snacking

Happy Bunch Singapore Gift Box Add On With Love, Gretel Natural BakedHappy Bunch Singapore Gift Box Add On With Love, Gretel Sriracha Peri Peri Cashews

Does he enjoy a good snack now and again? This Father’s Day, treat him to a range of mixed nuts that he can munch on guilt-free all weekend long! These snacks fromWith Love, Gretel are not just hearty and packed with flavour, but also healthy and can be enjoyed any time in the day. 

Choose from a selection of different nuts and flavours, such as Himalayan Pink Salt, Natural Baked, Peri Peri, and Sriracha Ginger Honey, or indulge him and include the full range of flavours in your Father’s Day gift box. At $3.90 per packet, these nuts are a great option to include in your gift boxes without breaking the bank.

Nut mixes by With Love, Gretel are available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $3.90 with free delivery.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 4: For the Dad Who Collects Cologne

A great cologne scent can not only make you feel more confident, but put you in a good mood all day and all night long! For the dads out there who like collecting cologne, or simply enjoy having a great scent on hand while they head out of the door—gift them a bottle of Sage Roll-On Eau de Parfum byMaison 21G. It is fresh with a touch of fruit, woody, and warm with a hint of amber. This roll-on will be a unique present to make the dads in your life feel oh so special this Father’s Day.

Sage Roll-On Eau de Parfum (5ml) by Maison 21G is available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $20 with free delivery.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 5: For the Dad Who Needs To Unwind

Whether it is for your hard working work mentor, or a new father who you think deserves a quiet and calming break, a scented candle can truly set the mood for some relaxation right from home. Choose from a myriad of scents and flavours, and help him wind down with our range of mini candles byTo Be Calm. From Lavender & Neroli, to Sea Salt & Eucalyptus, there is a scented candle for every dad and every time of day.

Do you have your Father’s Day celebration ideas for him planned yet? Some of you may prefer to stay in andcelebrate Father’s Day indoors this year, and some of you may choose to go on a Father’s Day staycation for the weekend instead. If you have a staycation celebration in store for Father’s Day 2021, opt for a bottle of massage & body oil fromTo Be Calm. This oil is a great accompaniment for his Father’s Day bath time soaks, as he relaxes into the night while bringing warming comfort to his muscles.

Mini Candles by To Be Calm are available at $18, and Massage & Body Oils by To Be Calm are available from $32 viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe). Enjoy free delivery in Singapore on all orders this Father’s Day.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 6: For the Dad Who Loves a Good Laugh

There’s nothing like spending Father’s Day surrounded by the people you love, while playing a fun game that everyone can enjoy and laugh over. For a fun Father’s Day celebration activity that you can enjoy with your kids or with friends and family, add a deck ofThe Singaporean Dream: The New Normal Card Game into your customised Father’s Day gift box this year.

Gather your loved ones together, and enjoy a good laugh this Father’s Day weekend as you pay, steal, and sabo your way to be the perfect Singaporean! 😉

The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal Card Game is available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $20 with free delivery.


Father’s Day Gift Idea 7: For the Dad Who Likes to Party

Last but not least, the ideal Father’s Day present for dads who like to party! Skip happy hour at the bar this Father’s Day weekend and gift him an indulgent glass of cocktail right from home, without the mess and the fuss. Choose from four different cocktail blends by Drink Easy, such as Gin, Whisky, Brandy and Rum. All he needs to do is pour the bottled cocktail over ice, and enjoy. Easy peasy for a quick and satisfying Father’s Day drink.

Bottled Cocktails by Drink Easy are available viaBuild A Box (Signature & Luxe), at $16 with free delivery.


Ready to Curate the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Him?

Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like a thoughtfully customised gift just for him. Surprise the fathers in your life this 20 June with your very own curation of Father’s Day gifts, andBuild A Box filled with his favourites. 

Choose to personalise your present for dad with any of the items we’ve mentioned above, or view our full range of over 100 products, and take your pick. The choice is yours!

Build A Box is available from $15+ with free delivery.


Need Help With Your Father’s Day Message?

Now that your present for him is covered for Father’s Day this 20 June, the next important step is including a thoughtful Father’s Day message to let him know how you feel. Browse our guide on Father’s Day message ideas, where we offer tips and examples on funny and heartwarming messages you can include in your Father’s Day card this year, alongside your present.