September 17, 2021 3 min read

There’s no flower beside the Freesia that embodies the 7th anniversary perfectly; standing for trust, faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and perseverance, it representsallthe things you need to reach such a milestone in a marriage!
That said, the flower’s not strictly for Happy Endings only! Nothing says “You’re my BFF” better than a bouquet of Freesias, but more about how that later.


White Freesia Meaning

  • Innocence 
  • Purity


When To Gift White Freesia

  • Weddings


Red Freesia Meaning

  • Love
  • Passion


When To Gift Red

Pink Freesia Meaning

  • Femininity
  • Love


When To Gift Pink

Yellow Freesia Meaning

  • Friendship
  • Optimism


When To Gift Yellow


Purple Freesia Meaning

  • Royalty 
  • Beauty


When To Gift Purple Freesia


Freesia For Gifting: Do's

  • Freesia is commonly used in aromatherapy due to its strong fragrance. Know someone who’s stressed up? This might be the perfect bunch! 
  • Pet owners fret not, the Freesia is safe for cats and dogs.


Freesia For Gifting: Don'ts

  • The heady scent from Freesias is known to trigger migraines, so try to avoid sending them to people who get headaches easily.
  • The sap from Freesias may trigger some skin irritation, so it’s best not to gift them to friends and family with sensitive skin.



The Freesias are not as hardy as other blooms and require more TLC, especially their petals. They’re infinitely more fragile and sensitive, so here are some handy must-know tips below in case you’re on the receiving end of a Happy Bunch of Freesias! 

Basic Care Steps For Cut Freesias

  • Freesias prefer slightly warm water over cold water. Make sure that the water is at least at room temperature as you fill your clean vase.
  • After unwrapping, trim the ends to get rid of the dry parts. Cut the stem at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors for a cleaner finish. 
  • Need more tips? Read our Flower Care Guide for more information.


Pro-Tips for Freesia Flower Care

  • Avoid arranging with flowers from the Narcissus family, whose sap is toxic to them.
  • Some flower experts believe that the Freesia produces ethylenethemselves as a stress response to being cut. Avoid trimming where possible!
  • They bloom their best in partial shade, so remember to keep them out of direct sunlight.



Unlike theOrchid andLily, the Freesia probably has the most average, and (surprisingly!) non-offensive, origin story yet. In fact, it’s sickeningly sweet: The flower was first found in South Africa in 1866, by botanist Christain Friedrich Ecklon, who named it after his friend and fellow botanist Friedrich Freese— truly the friendship flower, and most iconic coincidence!

When Floriography, or the language of flowers, took off in the Victorian era, the Freesia was used as a way to pass along secret messages to each other. Basically, if you receive a bunch of them, just know that it’s a sign of absolute trust.


In general, Freesias smell like berries, but some people say they carry a citrusy scent too. How fragrant, sweet, and positively delish! It’s part of the reason why you’ll find them in a lot of soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other cosmetic products in fact, even Jo Malone has immortalised them in theirEnglish Pear & Freesia Cologne


Today, there are over 30 species, and 300 hybrid types, of which the most well-known and famous are:


  • Petals resemble a ballerina dancer’s silhouette
  • Creamy white
  • Fragrant


Red Beauty

  • Two-toned petals
  • Bright red with yellow highlights in the centre
  • Fragrant, but only when it’s in bloom


Golden Wave

  • Double flowering
  • Cheery yellow
  • Heavily scented



Budding romance or bromance, the Freesia is the perfect gift for the most important people in your life, and the ones you trust with your life. Best of all, they can even be given to pals with pets!